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Saturn does not orbit the Earth. Saturn and Earth orbit the Sun. Earth takes about 1 year to do so and Saturn takes about 29 years and 6 months to do so.


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Saturn. It takes around 29.5 years to orbit our sun.

Saturn takes 29 earth years for one orbit, so someone who has reach 8 years on earth (ie orbited the sun 8 times on earth) would be 8/29 ≈ 0.28 years old on Saturn, ie they would have completed about 0.28 of one orbit of Saturn around the sun. As Saturn takes about 24491 Saturn days to complete one orbit of the sun they would be 8/29 × 24491 ≈ 6756 Saturn days old compared to the 365.25 × 8 = 2922 Earth days they are.

Earth takes 1 year for 1 orbit around the sun. So, in 100 years, Earth can orbit the sun 100 times.

Mercury 6 placed John Glenn into orbit around the Earth three times. he was the first American to orbit the earth.

The earth will keep revolving around the sun until the sun dies out or earth is hit by a really big asteroid and knocks it out if its orbit.

The earth is six times more massive than the moon. That keeps the moon in orbit around it, just as the mass of the sun keeps the earth in orbit around it.

the moon orbits around the earth every 28 days

Earth can fit into Saturn 1,205 times.

Earth can fit in to Saturn 9.40 times.

Saturn has various moons, that take different times to orbit it.

Mercury's orbit around the sun is about 150 times as long asthe Moon's orbit around Earth.Mercury:Average distance from the sun . . . . . . 35,980,000 milesLength of orbit, referred to the sun: . 226,070,000 milesMoon:Average distance from Earth. . . . . . . 239,000 milesLength of orbit, referred to Earth: . 1,502,000 miles.

Saturn has a massive solar orbit duration as compared to Earth. Saturn requires 29-years to complete just one orbit of Sun. The longest period is that of Neptune requiring more than five times longer at 165-years. The shortest orbit period is that of Mercury at a short 88-days.

The moon makes its orbit around the earth every 28 days. The moon is approximately 280,000 miles away from the Earth.

In the time it takes the moon to complete one full orbit around the earth, the earth will make 27.32 rotations on its own axis.

In 24 hrs the Moon makes 1/28 of its orbit around the Earth.

No. Saturn is much larger than Earth. The equatorial diameter of Saturn is 120,536 km,about 9.5 times bigger than Earth's. The surface area of Saturn is 83 times the area of Earth. The volume is 764 times the volume of Earth. The mass of Saturn is 95 times the mass of the Earth.

it take the earth 360 days= 1 year

Saturn is 764 times the size of Earth.

Saturn is about 9.41 times larger than the Earth

saturn rotates 1.25 times in a earth day

It goes around the sun 29.5 times and Saturn has 21 moons while Pluto only goes around in earth times 247. So if Pluto goes around once Saturn goes around the sun 29.5

The Moon completes it's orbit around the earth once every 28 days. The moon orbits the earth approximately 13 times a year.

Saturn's diameter = 120,534km, around 9.45 x Earths diameter. The Volume of Saturn is around 764 times that of Earths volume.

The Moon orbits Earth just once in 27.3 days.

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