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It takes Venus 224.7 days to orbit the sun. Venus orbits the sun 1.62 times in a year. Venus is the planet 2nd closest to the sun.

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It takes Venus 225 days to orbit the sun

Never. Or, if it ever does, once. Venus is in a stable orbit around the Sun, and it would take a titanic force to cause Venus to fall into the Sun.

Venus orbits the sun in about 225 earth days, so that would make 1.6 times around the sun in 12 months.

The orbit of Venus is:108,200,000 KM from the Sun.

It takes Venus about 224.7 Earth days to orbit the Sun.

It takes 225 Earth days, or about 71/2 months, for Venus to orbit the sun.

It takes 1,000,000 earth days for venus to orbit the sun.

Venus orbits the sun.

Venus, farther from the Sun than Mercury, takes longer to orbit. the Sun.

No. Venus is a planet that orbits the sun.

Venus does not orbit the Sun. However it does transit the Sun.It is very rare that a prediction is correctly made of when Venus will transit the Sun. Venus transits the Sun. However the next transit of Venus is thought to be on the 6th June 2011.

Mercury and Venus orbit the Sun, and so does the Earth.

It takes Venus 224.7 Earth days to orbit the Sun.

it takes venus 225 earth days to rotae on its axis to the un and it takes earth 12 hours.'

The planet of Venus is 108,208,930 kilometers away from the sun. It takes this planet 365 days to orbit the sun.

It takes Venus 225 days to orbit the sun.

No, Venus does not orbit a planet. It orbits a star, which is our Sun. It can not orbit a planet , if it did it would be a moon

No. Venus is a planet (in orbit around the Sun) with no natural satelites.

It depends on where Venus is in its orbit relative to Earth. At its closest, Venus is closer to Earth and the moon than it is to the sun. The distance between Venus and the sun does not change significantly, but its distance to Earth does; at times it may be directly between Earth and the sun, while at other times it may be on the other side of the sun.

Eight planets orbit the Sun: Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Neptune Uranus

No. It take Venus 224 days to orbit the sun and it takes Mercury 88 days.

Venus makes one revolutional orbit around the sun every 224.7 (Earth days).

No. Venus is the 2nd planet from the Sun; Earth is #3.

venus orbit is short because it is closer to the sun. thank you for all of your support

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