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How many times has Gerard way and frank iero kiss on stage?


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September 13, 2011 3:08AM

yes, it was gay and they liked it because they both like penis

lol to the answer above.. no they didn't there both marrid to girls-??

I am unsure but the answer above is clearly no help, I'm guessing alot.

a few times? I personally don't know, but i do know that theres GALLONS off frerard stuff on youtube ( Gerard and frank ) so like the person above said they are MARRIED and Gerard has a baby called Bandit Lee Way so to all you people who think Gerard is gay! HE ISNT ! neither is mikey way!

they cheated on the girls with each other. they were out for a few years, that why they are not scared on kissing on-stage because they went out EVERYONE KNOWS THAT IS TOU ARE AS MAD ABOUT THEM AS ME