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Michael Jordan competed in the Olympics twice once in Los Angels and once in Barcelona

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Q: How many times has Michael Jordan participated in the Olympics?
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How many times has Michael Jordan won a gold medal in the Olympics?


How many times has Switzerland participated in the Olympics?


How many times has Russia participated in the Winter Olympics?

4 times

How many times sushil Kumar participated in Olympics game?

2 times...

How many times has Lauren Mitchell been on the Olympics?

how many olympics has laurean mitchell participated in

How many times have South Korea participated in the olympics?

Summer and Winter combine, 32 times after the London Olympics are over.

Can you show me the amount of times each country has participated in the Olympics?

Click on the 'Participating Nations in the Summer Olympics' link below to see tables of each country and the years they participated in the Summer Games.

How many times did Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant play each other?

Kobe Bryant played Michael Jordan 8 times. Four when Jordan was a bull, four as a wizard

What was Michael Jordan setbacks?

michael jordan was setback a few times, height, not making varsity team, etc.

Has anyone won the scoring title and a NBA championship in the same year?

michael Jordan did Michael Jordan did it 5 times

How many times did Michael Jordan retired?

3 times in 1993,1998,2003

How many times has the US participated in the winter Olympics?

The United States has participated in all twenty Winter Olympic Games. (Chamonix 1924 to Turin 2006.)

How many times did Michael Jordan lead the bulls to victory?

Michael Jordan led the bulls to the NBA championships six times. From 1991 to 1993 and 1996 to 1998.

How many times did mj go to the Olympics?

Michael Jordan was an olympic athlete two times in his career, once when he was about to became a NBA player in 1984 and the other after the first of his 6 NBA championships in 1992.

Who would win in one on one Larry Bird Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan would win because he was the best player to ever play in the NBA. And Larry Bird has been picked 3 times for the best player three times. Michael Jordan has been it 5 times

How many times has Michael Jordan gone to the championship?

He has gone 22 times.

How many times did Michael Jordan win the scoring title?

6 times

How many times has Michael Jordan won a NBA Championship as a player?

Michael Jordan won 6 championships as a player for the Chicago Bulls.

Did Kobe play in the NBA with Michael Jordan?

Kobe Bryant has played against Michael Jordan numerous times in the NBA all-stars, Bryant on the Lakers, Jordan on the Bulls.

What are some of Michael Phelps' times?

He has gone to the Olympics three times!!

Who is the best basketball player of all times?

Michael Jordan

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How many times was Michael Jordan married?

he was married twice

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Current record holder for the Olympics is Almuneda Cid, having participated in the Olympics for Rhythmic Gymnastics 4 times.