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How many times has Sheamus been WWE Champion?


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WWE Superstar Sheamus has held the WWE Championship twice.

This information is correct as on May 10, 2013.

Note: Please note that the question is asking solely about the WWE Championship, not how many championships Sheamus has held overall, before you edit the answer.


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At the TLC 2009 PPV, Cena losed the WWE Championship to Sheamus in a tables match. This was Sheamus's first championship reign as the WWE Champion. Afterwards (in the present), Cena has beaten Sheamus many times.

John Cena has been WWE champion 9 times!

The Undertaker has been WWE Champion 4 times.

John Cena has been the World Heavyweight Champion twice, the United States Champion three times, the WWE Champion 11 times, the WWE Tag Team Champion two times, and the World Tag Team Champion 2 times. Altogether he has been champion a combined 17 times.

Hulk Hogan has never been the World Heavyweight Champion, but has been the WWE Champion 5 times.

Chris Benoit has been champion about 5 times

As of now, Sheamus is a multi-time champion in the WWE. He has won the following titles in WWE a. 1 time World Heavyweight Champion b. 2 time WWE champion c. 1 time WWE United States Champion d. 1 time King of the Ring e. 1 time Royal Rumble winner

Rey Mysterio has never been WWE Champion.

He has been the WWE/F Champion 7 times and World Heavyweight Champion 2 times.

batista have been champion three times batista is now the 4 time world champ

Eve Torres has been divas champion 2 times as of the 2011 royal rumble.

12 times, 10 time WWE champion, 2 time World Heavyweight Champion

Triple H has been champion 13 times and he is going for his 14 title.

3 times but he is going to be world champion again this year.

The Undertaker has been WWF champion 11 times total![4 time WWF champion,1 time WWF hardcore champion,and a 6 time WWF world tag team Champion]

The Undertaker has been WWE champion 4 times. World Champion 3 times.

Triple H is a 12-Time World Champion

Melina is a 6 time WWE womens champion

Melina has been WWE women's champion 3 times, and divas champion 2 times!

Melina has been a 2 time Divas champion, and 3 time Women's champion.

Randy Orton has never been United States Champion in his time at WWE.

The Miz is a 1 time WWE champion (As of July 2011)

He has had the WWE title a record 8 times.

He is a Overall 13 Time Champion. 5 Time World Heavyweight Champion & 8 Time WWE Champion

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