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Georgia has won a National Championship two times: one in 1942 and one in 1980.

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Q: How many times has University of Georgia won a Football National Championship?
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Who won the National Championship in college football in 1942?

The Georgia Bulldogs claim the college football National Championship in 1942.

How many National Championship has University of Georgia won?


What year did university of Georgia win the national championship?


What years has Georgia won the ncaa football national championship?

1942 and1881

When was the last time 2 teams won the national football championship?

In 1990 Georgia Tech and Colorado shared the national championship.

When was Georgia women's football championship created?

Georgia women's football championship was created in 1990.

What college football team won the national championship in 1980?

Georgia, with a 12-0 record.

Who won the national college football championship in 1980?

Georgia behind Hershel Walkers running

1983 University of Georgia football?

Georgia won the sec championship and lost to pitt in the sugar bowl. darn dan marino.

How many national titles does the university of Georgia have in football?

2 1980, 1942

What NCAA teams shared the national championship title?

Georgia Tech and Colorado in football. I think in 1991

What team did Penn state play in the 1982 National football game?

University of Georgia

What do you call something that happens twice every hundred years?

Georgia winning a national championship in football.

Who is Georgia quarterback that owns a NCAA Football National Championship ring?

That would most likely be Buck Belue in 1980.

How friendly is university of Georgia football are with Georgia military college football?

Not at all

Who is the football coach of the University of Tennessee for 2010?

Derek Dooley, the son of the former Georgia championship winning coach, Vince Dooley

How many national championship has Georgia won?


Has University of Colorado ever won a national football championship?

Yes, the University of Colorado has won one national championship and that was in 1990. That was a "split" year. Georgia Tech got the other one. That was also the year of the infamous "fifth down" the buffs were given by a mistaken officiating crew that kept a drive alive and enabled the buffs to "beat" Missouri.

Who won the NCAA football championship in 1980?

Univ of Georgia

When did Furman football when a National Championship?

1988. Furman won the Division 1-AA championship in 1988 by defeating Georgia Southern in the championship game, 17-12. The Paladins record that season was 13-2.

How many national championships does the University of Georgia football team have?

5- 1927, 1942, 1946, 1968 & 1980

When was the last time the San Francisco 49ers won the National Football Conference championship game?

On January 20, 2013, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Atlanta Falcons, 28-24, in the National Football Conference Championship Game played in Atlanta's Georgia Dome.

When was Georgia bulldogs undefeated?

In 1980. That was the year that the Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship.

Who did Georgia play in 1942 national championship?

There was no true national championship game before the BCS era. However, in 1942 Georgia beat UCLA in the Rose Bowl to earn a share of the National Championship, along with Wisconsin and Ohio State.

Who did Georgia Southern beat in 1990?

For the National Championship, Georgia Southern beat Nevada 36-13 for their 4th Championship Title.

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