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How many times has the Doctor regenerated?


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He has regenerated 12 times in total and is currently in his 13th incarnation - even though he (and we) only recognize 11 regenerations into another "Doctor" as the so-called Dark-Doctor (between Doctors 8 and 9) is a destroyer, not a healer, so he is not thought of as one of the official incarnations that can be called "The Doctor." The current Doctor known to fans as "12" is played by Peter Capaldi, who previously appeared in series 4 as a guest star.

While It should be noted that in the series four finale of the revived series, "Journey's End", an injured Tenth Doctor manages to avert a full regeneration by channeling "excess regenerative energy" into his severed hand, allowing him to heal without changing form, this is not considered a regeneration as the doctor never changed his DNA. It was more of a healing.