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How many times have the world series?


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The World Series have many times.

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They have been to the world series 11 times .

nine times they won the world series.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have appeared in the World Series 7 times, winning 5 times.

The Yankees appeared in 40 World Series and won 27 times.

The Detroit Tigers have gone to the World Series (won the pennant) 10 times.

The A's have won the World Series 9 times - 5 times as the Philadelphia A's and 4 times as the Oakland A's.

The 2007 World Series is the first that the Rockies have been in.

The Pirates have lost twice in the world series.

The Rangers have made it to the world series once (2010).

The Yankees appeared in 40 World Series. They won 27 times.

13 TimesThe New York Yankees Made the World Series 13 times without winning the World Series title but, They did make it another 27 times and won the World Series.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been in 19 World series and won 7 of them.

The Philadelphia Phillies won 2 World Series titles in 7 World Series appearances.

The New York Yankees have 40 World Series appearances, and 27 World Series titles.

The New York Yankees won the World Series 27 times.

The Detroit Tigers have been to the World Series 10 times, winning 4 and losing 6.

The Milwaukee Brewers have been to one World Series and lost

The Phillies have won the World Series Twice. In 1980 and in 2008.

The San Diego Padres have never won the World Series.

The Angels appeared in one World Series, and won in 2002.

The 2010 World Series was the first for the Texas Rangers franchise.

Cowboys have a Super Bowl, which is for FOOTBALL. World Series is BASEBALL

Pittsburgh Pirates have won the World Series 5 times - 1909, 1925, 1960, 1971 and 1979.

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