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too many to count.....a much it can make you dizzy and may cause seisures......jk!

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โˆ™ 2009-03-20 01:36:48
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Q: How many times is the word Riot on the Paramore CD cover?
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How many CDs have paramore made?

They have four full albums, 'All We Know Is Falling', 'Riot!', 'Brand New Eyes', and 'Paramore'(Self-Titled). They also have a live album&DVD called 'The Final Riot!'.

How many albums does Paramore have?

they have 4 if you count the final riot but if you dont count that then 3

How many words on the riot album cover?

There is one word just wrote a lot of times

How many albums has paramore released?

Three - All We Know Is Falling, RIOT!, and Brand New Eyes

How many times have paramore been to Australia?

Four times.

How many albums has Paramore sold altogether?

I think they had like 4. All we know is falling Roit! The final riot Brand new eyes

How many albums did paramore make?

Three. All We Know Is Falling in 2005, Riot in 2007, and Brand New Eyes in 2009. They are working on their 4th album, which is supposed to come out later this year.

How many fans does paramore have?

paramore has about 5 continents worth of fans.

How many sings has paramore released?

Paramore made 65 songs in total

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How many albums have paramore released?


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How many pages does Riot - novel - have?

Riot - novel - has 338 pages.

How many tours has paramore been on?

so far they've been on two.... the first one is for their first album All We Know Is Falling i dont know what the name of the tour is. the second tours is call RIOT! for their best album sold called RIOT!. they are currently on their 3rd tour for their 3rd album brand new eyes. so they have been on 3 tours!

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How can someone purchase tickets to see Paramore?

There are many places that sell tickets to see the Paramore. Empire tickets, the ticket master, online seats, and tickets now are just a few among many places that sell such tickets as the Paramore.

How many albums have been released by paramore?


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Paramore has 5 members. Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York.

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Is paramore popular?

Yes! Many people who are into alternative rock/punk seem to love paramore (including myself) they are the most AMAZING band EVER! :)