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How many times lighter or heavier than a liter is a centiliter?

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2007-05-17 18:41:36

It is inappropriate to be talking about "lighter" or heavier"

with regard to liters and centiliters (or milliliters or

deciliters, etc.) Why? Because the liter (and its fractional parts)

is a unit of volume or capacity, not weight. You may say that a

liter is 100 times greater in volume than a centiliter. You could

say that a liter is ten times greater in volume than a deciliter.

You could also say that a deciliter is ten times greater in volume

than a centiliter. But one is not necessarily heavier or lighter

than another. Unless, of course, you have a liter and centiliter of

the same substance! A liter of water, for example, will be 100

times heavier than a centiliter of water -- as long as both are at

identical temperatures. (Water at 4 degrees Celsius is denser than

water at higher and lower temperatures, so a liter of water at 4

degrees C will weigh more than 100 times a centiliter of water at

higher or lower temps.)

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