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maybe she has caller ID and know it's you try twice and if she doesn't answer stop paying her attention and watch she'll be like what's going on how have you been. She'll want you more or you can just ask her what is her problem or maybe she actually doesnt like you.........

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I asked out a guy on the phone but he said no nervousy does this mean he doesnt like me still?


What does it mean when a boy won't give you his phone number but flirts with you?

he likes you but he doesnt wanna get serious yet. or hes a player

Should the girl give the boy that she likes her phone number?

well YES if she really likes him you should but if she doesn't want to give him her number then she shouldn't

What should you do if a guy told his friend he liked you and wanted your phone number but when you asked for his he never got back to you?

A lot of guys like to make the first move. He likes you, but just give him a chance to call you.

Why does myNokia 6288 power off unexpectedly?

it doesnt work you should try to get another phone.

How do you ask him if he likes you?

should it matter? ask face to face not on phone.. don't chicken

How should you find out whether a girl likes you or not - over the phone?

when they start flirting with you

How does temperature affect cell phone reception?

it doesnt it doesnt

What is up with a guy who tells he likes you but never asked for your number?

Maybe he doesn't have a phone? Why don't you just give him your number, instead of making him ask.

You have this girls number that you like but you haven't asked her out in a date yet you have had it for a while what should you do How would you ask her on a date should it be by text or phone?

On the phone its better so she can hear you say it

What should you talk about on the phone with a guy whom you like?

Ask him about his interests and his likes and try to talk about them

Does she like me or as a friend or is she messing with me she hug you everytime you see her and it a real hug and she doest hug that many people that ive seen and she asked if i had a cell phone y?

dude she probally likes you, and if she doesnt she may wanna be good friends either way it all depends on if you like her back buddy =P

How can you tell if a friend is hiding that he likes you and doesnt want to admit it?

omg, girl! im right there with you! well, i think its when/ if he flirts with you. In my case, the dude that likes me (he has admitted it): we could talk on the phone 4 hours but he couldn't say hi to me in person. i asked him the same question, and he said that when guys are kinda scared to ask questions, flirt alot, and wont leave you alone ( child syndrome) :)

What is Ryan higas phone number?

he doesnt give it out he doesnt give it out

Why doesnt she answer her phone but will text you?


What should a guy do if he likes a girl who moved and has a boyfriend?

He should evaluate how much he really likes her, and if he thinks that he can handle a long distance relationship with a girl with a new guy (and can foot the phone bill) go for it.

She texts me everyday and says she likes me all the time but doesnt show signs of it when you are together?

playing hard to get or someone else has been using the phone and sending you love notes

Why would a guy not safe your number on his phone when his happy when you call him because his made it obvious he likes you and you know he doesnt have your number saved because he asks who it is?

because he probably don't like you. Or, he has your number memorized. it gives him a reason to talk to you. so he likes you.

Should kids 9 through10 have a facebook?

no facebook is for collage kids if you child doesnt have a cell phone then they shouldn't have a facebook

How do you call someone on the sims 2 who doesnt own a phone?

You can't phone them if they don't have a phone.

How can you tell whether a guy who you've never met but talk to on the phone likes you?

If a guy's talking to you on the phone, then he likes you. Period.

Why doesnt a guy save you number on hes phone when he makes it obvious he likes you and that hes glad you called and you know he didnt save your number because he asks who is speaking when he answers?

maybe because he likes u and he maybe wanting u 2 ask him to save ur number in his phone....ever think bout that?? lol

Does the Pantech impact have wifi?

no it doesnt i have that phone

What does the iPhone have that the ipod touch doesnt?

A phone

How do you unbrick a phone?

It sound likes a Problem with your Phone! Take it to a Phone Repair Shop!