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dogs should eat about 2 tin cans of food each day

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Q: How many tins should a dog eat a day?
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How many tins of food should you give your dog are they big or small?

they should get 2 tins big not small

How much should you feed a dog?

depends on its size. Larger the dog the more food. Id say my dog is medium and she gets fed about one and a half tins of wet food a day.

i feed my dog 2 time a day?

I usually feed my dog once a day and have with all my dogs! They are all bigger dogs but I think that works best for my dog!

How many tins of dog food should you feed your 5 month old German shepherd puppy?

A German Shepherd puppy should have a mix and hard and wet dog food. One scoop of them mixed together twice or three times a day will suffice.

How many tins of food does a small dog get through a year?


Who was tin tins dog?


How many times day should a dog be walked?

every day

How many calories should a dog have in one day?

It depends on the type of dog.

What is the name of tin tins dog?


How many times a dog should be feed a day?

Once or twice depending on the size of the dog, but they should get the same amount either way. I.e. if the dog were to get one cup once a day then they should get 1/2 cup twice a day.

How many times should you feed your dog and cat in a day?

Experts recommend feeding your dog and cat twice a day

How many times should the dog be feeded in a day?

2-3 times a day.

How many times do i feed my dog?

You should feed your dog at least three times a day.

Who many times should you feed your dog?

if they are a puppy 3 times a day but any dog over the age of one should be fed 2 times a day

How often should a dog eat each day?

A dog should be fed once a day.

How many times you should feed a beagle dog?

Just like any other dog. 2 times a day should do it.

How many times a day should a dog go out?

Well considering the fact that it is a dog, you should just ask it if it needs to go out.

How many times a day should you feed your small dog?

for a small puppy u should feed it 3 times but if its for a small dog adult u should feed it 2 timed a day

What breed was tin tins dog?

A White Fox Terrier!

How many times a day should you train a dog?

Well, first you should train them 200 times a day. It should be a 2 hour increment and have fun while you do this. Your dog will learn fin 50 days.

How many times per day should you feed your dog?

2 times a day morning and afternoon

How many cups should a small dog eat a day?

Dogs should stick to eating dog food. Keep cups and glassware out of reach.

How many times should a dog be let out a day?

3-4 times

How many treats a day should you give your large dog?

If you are not training it: None.

How many times a day a healthy dog should poop?