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How many tins should a dog eat a day?


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dogs should eat about 2 tin cans of food each day


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depends on its size. Larger the dog the more food. Id say my dog is medium and she gets fed about one and a half tins of wet food a day.

A German Shepherd puppy should have a mix and hard and wet dog food. One scoop of them mixed together twice or three times a day will suffice.

Experts recommend feeding your dog and cat twice a day

Once or twice depending on the size of the dog, but they should get the same amount either way. I.e. if the dog were to get one cup once a day then they should get 1/2 cup twice a day.

You should feed your dog at least three times a day.

if they are a puppy 3 times a day but any dog over the age of one should be fed 2 times a day

A dog should be fed once a day.

Just like any other dog. 2 times a day should do it.

Well considering the fact that it is a dog, you should just ask it if it needs to go out.

for a small puppy u should feed it 3 times but if its for a small dog adult u should feed it 2 timed a day

2 times a day morning and afternoon

Well, first you should train them 200 times a day. It should be a 2 hour increment and have fun while you do this. Your dog will learn fin 50 days.

Dogs should get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Dogs should stick to eating dog food. Keep cups and glassware out of reach.

You should walk your dog about 45 minutes a day. If your dog is very hiper than you can go for longer.

Well for most dogs its 2 times a day but for others it is once a day!!

I fed my dog two times a day, but that can make your dog chubby. But if u watch the amount, it should be fine.

No, A dog does not need to eat 3 times a day. Once a day is fine for a dog.

it depends on the size of your dog, if you are feeding your dog bones, and the dog is able to finish off that bone that day, then it should be safe as long as you are substituting it for a meal. the bone should be the size of a normal healthy meal for the dog

Well, you should feed a dog that is under the age of 3, 2 servings of food a day, and you should feed older that 3 years of age only 1 serving of food a day.

you should always feed your dog once a day with a few dog treats here and there. If you feed them more than once with lots of snacks theres a better chance of him/her dying. 2nd Answer: You should feed your dog twice a day with NO snacks inbetween meals as this will make your dog fat and possibly a picky eater. Save the snacks for training your dog such as housebreaking or obedience.

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