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According to U.S. EPA, Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2004,

1 therm of natural gas burnt produces 11.7 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions.

Therefore, the Carbon Coefficient for natural gas is:

117 pounds of CO2 per million BTU, or 0.12 pounds per cubic foot of gas.

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What is the production of greenhouse gasses?

From several sources it was calculated that the world annual emissions of the big 4 GHGs were as follows. The data does not account for water vapour or natural emissions. * CO2 30 billion tons * CH4 7 billion tons * Nitrous Oxide 3 billion * Fluorocarbons 3 billion

What is Mexico pollution rate?

Mexico releases 436.15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually (12th place, 2009). Those emissions represent 1.6% of the world's total and compared to China's or America's emissions (6,103.49 and 5,752.29 million metric tons, respectively), they represent 7.14% and 7.58% of such emissions.

When converting CO2 emissions to tons is metric tons the standard?

The answer is yes. The EIA (Energy Information Administratoin, part of the united states government) use metric tons for measuring CO2 equivalent, therefore it should be (or is) the standard.

What is the national carbon footprint?

This is the total emissions of carbon (from CO2 and CH4), expressed in tons, for a country in one year.

What fossil fuel creates the most fuel emissions?

Coal releases more carbon dioxide than oil.Oil releases more than natural gas.A:We burn more coal (a little over four billion tons per year) than any other. Oil (over 3 billion tons) comes in a close second. A:Coal, then oil, then natural gas (methane).

How many tons are in tons 13200?

13200 tons in 13200 tons

How many tons are in 11639?

11639 tons = 11639 tons.

How many metric tons are in 19500000 tons?

19,500,000 tons = 17,690,102.4 metric tons.

How many tons in 2.4 metric tons?

2.4 metric tons is 2.65 tons.

20000 kilograms equals how many tons?

metric tons- 2 tonsUS tons- 2.2046226 tonsUK tons- 1.9684131 tons

What is ethane used for?

a natural gas to power tons of stuff

How many metric tons is 501.66 tons?

501.66 US tons is 455.1 metric tons.

How many Tons in 8 metric tons?

8 metric tons is 8.818 US tons.

5 metric tons is equal to how many tons?

5 metric tons is 5.51 tons.

What natural resources does Europe have?

There are tons of natural resources in Europe. Europe has natural gas, oil, coal, lumber, and water, for example.

What are the c02 emisions a year in Mexico?

Mexico has emissions of CO2 equivalent to 436,150,000 metric tons a year, or 1.6% of the world's total.

How many tons is 600kg?

Its about 0.661387 tons.

How many tons of rock are in a yard?

how many tons of rock are in a yard?

How many tons are in 3400lbs?

1.7 short tons or 1.517857 long tons

How many tons of carbon dioxide are added to the earth's atmosphere each year by burning fossil fuels?

Total world energy-related carbon dioxide emissions were 29.7 billion metric tons in 2007.A:Humans add about 27 billion tonnes (nearly 30 billion US tons) of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels every year.

Have many tons are in 5000 pounds?

2.5 short tons.2.23214286 long tons2.26796185 metric tons

900000 metric tons is equal to how many us tons?

900,000 metric tons = 992,080.18 US tons.

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