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Over 7 million tons of bombs were dropped by the US during the Vietnam War; over 2 million tons were dropped during WW2. NOTE: A US B-17 Flying Fortress over Germany in WW2 carried about 10 airmen and possibly 17 bombs. A US B-52 Stratofortess flying over North Vietnam carried 6 crewmen and could carry 108 750 pound bombs. ONE Vietnam War B-52 was equal to about SIX WW2 B-17s. One F-4 Phantom jet fighter bomber, manned by two crewmen, could carry as many bombs as a WW2 B-17 bomber (with a 10 man crew).

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Q: How many tons of bomb were dropped in Vietnam War?
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How many tons of bomb were dropped in Vietnam?

equivalent to 2 Little Boy's

How many bombs were dropped by the us Vietnam war?

7 million tons

How many bombs were dropped from airplanes in world war 2?

Over 2 million tons were dropped in WWII (over 7 million tons were dropped during the Vietnam War).

How many bombs have been dropped in Iraq?

It is estimated that about 120,000 tons of bombs have been dropped on Iraq in the last 25 years. By comparison, over 7 million tons were dropped on Vietnam.

What is so amazing about the Vietnam War?

Over twice as many tons of bombs dropped in Vietnam than in all of WWII.

How many bombs were used in Vietnam?

Over 7.8 million tons of ordnance were dropped during the Vietnam War. 3 times more than was dropped in all of WWII.

Total number of bombs dropped by us during a World War 1 b World War 2 c Korean War d Vietnam War?

Approximate total ALLIED aerial bomb dropping tonnage: 1. WW1- 16,000 tons 2. WWII- 2.7 million tons (US dropped 1,613,000 tons) 3. Korean War-678,000 tons 4. Vietnam War-7.8 million tons

How many tons was the atomic bomb weigh?

The two dropped in WW2 weighed 4.5 tons and 5 tons. Since then bombs have been built as light as about 50 pounds to as much as about 500 tons.

How many pounds of bombs did Allies drop per month throughout World War 2?

The US dropped over 2 million tons of ordinance in WW2; and dropped over 7 million tons in the Vietnam War.

How many tonnage of bombs did the US drop on north Vietnam by the end of the war?

7.8 million tons of bombs were dropped during the whole war in Vietnam (compared to 2.7 in WWII).

How many bombs were dropped during the Vietnam War?

Vietnam War: 7.8 million tons WWII: 2.7 million tons (ETO: 1,613,000 tons/Japan was too far away for bombing) Korea: 678,000 tons WWI: 16,000 tons Operation Desert Storm: 88,000 tons

How many tons of TNT were dropped in World War 2?

he total tons of bombs dropped in World War 2 was 2.7 Million tons of bombs. We dropped about 1.5 Million tons of bombs on Germany alone.

How many tons of tnt equals the power of a atom bomb?

20,000 tons of tnt=1 atom bomb

What happened minutes after the bomb was dropped on Pearl Harbor?

Japan didn't drop a singular bomb on Pearl Harbor. They sent 2 waves of Japanese planes who dropped small bombs all over, killing tons of civilians and destroying many planes and battleships.

How powerful was the bomb dropped on Hiroshima?

The yield of the explosion was later estimated at 15 kilotons (the equivalent of 15,000 tons of TNT).

How big was the first atomic bomb?

The first atomic bomb detonated was the Trinity Test Bomb on July 16, 1945. It had the estimated explosive power eqivalent of 20,000 Tons of TNT. It was identical to the bomb dropped on Nagasaki 3 weeks later. The Hiroshima bomb was of a different design and was about 15,000 Tons equvalent.

How many bombs did the AXIS powers drop during World War 2?

There is no record of each individual bomb dropped by the Axis powers or the Allied powers. The military keeps records of how many tons of bombs they dropped. Both sides dropped millions of pounds during World War 2.

What is the mass of matter that changed into energy when the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki with an explosive power equivalent to 20000 tons of TNT was approximately?

The bomb had a weight of almost 10,000 pounds.

How many times did japan get bombed?

UNITED STATES STRATEGIC BOMBING SURVEYSUMMARY REPORT(Pacific War)WASHINGTON, D.C.1 JULY 1946The amount of bombs dropped were measure in tonnage not according to the times they dropped bombs or how many bombs were dropped. Pegalita of Answers ComThe total tonnage of bombs dropped by Allied planes in the Pacific war was 656,400. Of this, 160,800 tons, or 24 percent, were dropped on the home islands of Japan. Navy aircraft accounted for 6,800 tons, Army aircraft other than B-29s for 7,000 tons, and the B-29s for 147,000 tons. By contrast, the total bomb tonnage in the European theater was 2,700,000 tons of which 1,360,000 tons were dropped within Germany's own borders.

What kind of bomb was the bomb dropped in nagasaki?

The second atomic bomb was dropped on 9 August. It was carried in a plane known as Bock's Car and the pilot is known to be Major Charles Sweeney. The bomb varied slightly from the first bomb- it was a plutonium implosion device nicknamed 'Fat Man'. The explosive force was greater compared to the first bomb, because 20 000 tons of TNT was used

How many tons of bombs were dropped on North Korea?

Not enough.

How big was the bomb dropped on hiroshima?

The actual atomic bomb was 3 meters in length and 0.7 meters in diameter. It weighed 4 tons. The atomic cloud reached an altitude of 17 000 meters.

How did the first atomic bomb compare with conventional bombs?

Typical conventional bombs have explosive yields approximately equal to their physical weight, the largest yield conventional bomb of WW2 was the British Tallboy which weighed 6 tons and had a yield of nearly 3 tons. The first atomic bomb dropped in WW2 the Little Boy weighed just under 5 tons and had a yield of about 15000 tons equivalent. Comparing them, the first atomic bomb had a weight slightly less than the largest conventional bomb used in WW2 but the yield was about 5000 times larger!

How many tons of horse poo was dropped in Victorian?

millions all over the place

How many bombs in total were dropped in World War 2?

16 million tons

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