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How many total atoms are in three molecules of table sugar?

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135. The empirical formula for sucrose (table sugar) is C12H22O11, for 45 atoms per sucrose molecule.

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Yes. Sugar has three atoms.

The three parts of a bond is atoms, molecules, and ions. The three parts of a bond is atoms, molecules, and ions. The three parts of a bond is atoms, molecules, and ions.

The ozone is made up of three atoms not molecules. And these three atoms are of nascent oxygen. Three atoms of nascent oxygen combine to form a single molecule of ozone.

molecules of the three-carbon sugar PGA are formed by the six-carbon sugar formed immediately splitting to form two three-carbon molecules.

Atoms contain neutrons, protons and electrons. Molecules are made of atoms.

Hydrogen, carbon and oxygen are the three elements that make up sugar. There are 22 atoms of hydrogen, 12 atoms of carbon and 11 atoms of oxygen in sugar.

6 atoms of oxygen are present. Three O2 contains 6 O atoms.

3 oxygen atoms in three molecules of water.- There are 3 total atoms in water, which is H2O. There are 2 hydrogen atoms (H), and 1 oxygen atom (O).

Ozone is made up of three atoms not molecules. These three atoms are nascent oxygen each i.e [O] which combine to form O3.

there are three molecules

There are three elements in table sugar or sucrose (C12H22O11). Hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon.

As every nitric oxide molecule has three atoms, this amount of molecules have 3.9 x 1022 atoms.

The name carbon tetrachloride indicates a formula of CCl4. One molecule has 4 chlorine atoms, so three molecules would have 12 chlorine atoms.

everything is made of atoms... you, your table, your pen, your computer....

You can make two molecules of ozone. One molecule of ozone has three oxygen atoms. If you have six oxygen atoms, then you can make two ozone molecules.

Since one carbon dioxide molecule contains three atoms, namely one carbon and two oxygen atoms, one mole of carbon dioxide molecules contains three moles of atoms.

There are actually three types of molecules. They are Diatomic - molecules that contain two atoms, homoatomic - two or more atoms of one element, hetroatomic - contain at least two atoms of two or more elements.

Molecules contain atoms; only atoms contain subatomic particles.

there is no hydrogen in carbon dioxide. since carbon dioxide is CO2 there are 3 carbon and 6 oxygen atoms in three molecules.

3CaF2In one molecule, calcium fluoride has:1 calcium atom2 fluorine atoms3 atoms totalBecause there is a three in the front of the formula, it means there are three of those molecules. So if one molecule has 3 atoms, 3 molecules will have 9 atoms total.

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