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Q: How many total number of people were in World War 1?
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well there are 5,500,000,00 animals total but if you want to know how many people there are than just search "how many people are in the world total."

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The total population of the world, minus the total number of Christians, is about4.72 billion people

Total number of Bigfoot sightings world wide-?

Because many people don't report their Bigfoot sightings, it is impossible to give an accurate total amount of sightings world wide.

How many lives were lost after World War 1?

The total number of people killed was 9.7 million lives were lost.

How many people died in world wart 1?

Total number of casualties, both wounded and dead, is 37 million.

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The total number would be very difficult to estimate. And the number of active practitioners is going to be different then the total that have ever studied a martial art. And how many classes would be required to say yes to the question?

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You need to know the total number of people before the question can be answered.

What is the total number of peoplein Louisiana?

How many people total live in Louisiana?

How many died in war war 2?

The total number of deaths attributed to World War Two was over 60 million people

How many deist are there in the world?

The total number of deists in the world is estimated at around 60,000

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No one has ever done a census on the total population of chickens. Many are privately owned and are in no register or database but it is probably safe to say that the number is on the order of the number of people and perhaps greater.

How many people died in World War 2 world wide?

Estimates of the total number of death tend to vary from 50 to 70 million, but some estimates put the total dead as a direct result of WW2 as high as 78 million people, with as many as 52 million of those deaths coming from civilian populations.

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Total number of matches were 49 in 2011 world cup

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How many Total number of tigers in the world?

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If the total number of people is T, then there are 19*T/20 students.

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Karate has spread throughout the world. The total is probably impossible to accurately determine but it has to be in the hundreds of thousands based on the number of schools.

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The total number of countries in the world as 2014 is 196

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the same number as white people

How many people died during the atomic bombin in japan during World War 2?

It is hard to say exactly due to the large number of deaths, but it is estimated to be a total of about 150,000 to 246,000 people.

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The total number of people that live in St.louis is 500,367Uh, no. The total number of people that live in St.Louis is more then 2.5 million.The total number of city residents is different than that of how many people live in the metro area. The 2008 census estimate is 354,361 people residing in the city, with 2.6 million in the metro area.