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92 professional wins including 68 PGA Tour wins and 14 major championships. 18 Amateur championships.

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How much does Tiger Woods win?

Tiger woods wins about 5 or six tournaments on an average year adding in 2004.

How many majors did Tiger Woods win in 2004?

Tiger Woods did not win any majors in 2004.

How many tournaments did Tiger Woods win in 1997?

4 PGA Tour victories, including one major, The 2005 Masters.

What four MAJOR golf tournaments did Tiger Woods win?

Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship, PGA Championship

How many majors have Tiger Woods won in 09?

Tiger Woods didn't win a major championship in 2009.

Is Rory McIlroy better than Tiger Woods?

You cannot compare the two at this point. Rory is going to win a lot of tournaments. But let's not get a head ourselves comparing to Tiger. Please.

How many majors did Tiger Woods win in 2005?

Tiger Woods won 2 majors in 2005. The Masters and the British Open

How many times has Tiger Woods lost?

Unfortunately Tiger Woods is not unbeatable and he doesn't win every tournament that he enters, it just seems that way.

How much money did Tiger Woods win in the 2011 Masters?

Tiger Woods won $330,667 at the 2011 Master's Tournament.

When did Tiger Woods win the masters last?

Tiger Woods last won The Masters in 2005 after beating Chris DiMarco in a playoff.

Did Tiger Woods win the 2008 masters?

no tiger came 2nd to trevor Immelman

When was last win for Tiger Woods?

it was yester day and it was your birthday

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