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How many trees are needed to supply enough oxygen for 30 people for a year?

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about 2 acres

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How many trees are needed to supply enough oxygen -for 30 people for a year?


Exercising steadily enough for the heart to supply oxygen needed by the muscles is called?


What happens if the body cant work fast enough to supply as much oxygen as is needed for the break down of glucose?

When the body can't work fast enough to supply enough oxygen, glycolysis separates from the Kreb's cycle, and lactate is formed. Lactate is later broken down when there is enough oxygen. The breakdown of lactate is painful, which is why we get sore muscles after working out. When glycolysis and the Kreb's cycle separate, it is referred to as oxygen debt.

What happen if heart not have adequate supply of blood?

i think what you mean is what happens if your body has an inadequate supply of blood simple the brain and other essential organs do not get enough oxygen from that oxygen rich blood and nowhere to dump not-needed carbon dioxide so your organs shut down and your brain cannot function because it dosent have enough oxygen to work

Do fish need oxygen to survive?

yes a constant supply of oxygen is needed that is why gills translate oxygen from water

Which ailment results when the brain does not receive enough supply of oxygen?

you will have a stroke...................

What is use of oxygen reservoir in an ambu bag?

It contains the volume of oxygen needed to supply the victim with rescue breaths of 100% oxygen.

Is there enough oxygen in fish tank?

yes, there is enough oxygen in a fish tank. it's in the water, somewhere. No it's not. An air supply must be used.

Why does the flame of a candle die when you cut off air supply?

Oxygen is needed for burning. If there is no oxygen flame dies.

What happen if you cover burning candle with a glass cup?

Fire dies out because a constant supply oxygen is needed to keep a fire burning. When then oxygen is removed, the fire burns the remaining oxygen until it is all gone. Normally when fire has a good supply of oxygen it give of Carbon dioxide. However without enough oxygen it gives Carbon monoxide as the oxygen is used up. When there is virtually no oxygen left, the fire goes out.

What is oxygen used for in hospitals?

It is supplied to certain patients through face masks or little plastic tubes in the nose. These patients need oxygen usually because their lungs are not working well enough on their own to supply the needed oxygen from just regular air.

What is an exercise that is steady and sustained and at which the heart can supply the oxygen needed the body?

Physical fitness

What happens if the body cannot work fast enough to supply as much oxygen as is needed for the breaking down of glucose?

you would start panting meaning you owe oxygen helping you take it in and when it happens like that it switches to anaerobic respiration autimatically

Does putting sand on fire cut off the supply of oxygen?

It can if enough is properly applied.

Why are plants important to the respiratory system?

Because plants supply oxygen. A needed substance for life.

Do lungs have anything to do with weakening of heart?

Lungs supply air, oxygen, to the body. Therefore, when the organs do not get enough oxygen, the do not function efficiently.

What is the problem with the world food supply?

There isn't enough food produced where it's needed.

Do skeletal muscle produce lactic acid when the body cannot supply enough oxygen?


Skeletal muscle produces lactic acid when the body cannot supply enough oxygen?


What is the answer to a society has a stable food supply of what?

If it has enough for people.:)

Why do people die of lack of oxygen while their blood oxygen levels is normal?

To the contrary, oxrgen cycels through your lungs and enters your blood. you use oxygen every second and you need a constant supply of it. As you lack oxygen your body starts to shutdown what isn't needed to keep you alive until your oxygen or blood oxygen is out.

What are the harmfull effect of carbon monoxide in short?

CO bonds with Heamoglobin irreversibly.So amount of Heamoglobin can be used for Oxygen transport become less.So Oxygen supply for body organs can be insufficient.It may lead to death if oxygen supply is not enough to the brain.

What does the scientific meaning of shock mean?

Inability of the body to supply enough oxygen to meet the tissue requirement.

What is a possible crossword puzzle answer for supply with oxygen?

Supply with oxygen= aerate

I yawn more than enough what does that mean?

Yawning is the body's tendency to get oxygen as fast as possible if your breathing does not supply your body enough. If you yawn too much, it means you are not getting enough oxygen through inhaling. Better consult a doctor for that. (: