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How many trees get cut down a day?

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Twenty nine million, eight hundred thousand trees(29,800,000) are cut down every day in the world.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports (2005) that the Earth's total forest area continues to decrease at about

  • 35 714 hectares (89 000 acres) per day. Or
  • 1488 hectares (3720 acres) an hour. Or
  • 25 hectares (62 acres) a minute. Or
  • 0.4 hectares (1 acre) every second.

An American Football field measures 0.53 ha (1.32 acres).

Many people think the actual figure is much higher, because these figures were provided by each country, and may not include illegal logging.

In 1927, scientists of the United States Forest Service Allegheny Experiment Station did a survey of the Allegheny State Forest. They found an average of 335 trees per acre.

Using that number the number of acres above would translate to 29,800,000 (Twenty-nine million, eight hundred thousand) trees cut down every day in the world!

(That number is really just a guess. Twenty years after the first survey, they were finding 497 trees per acre. By 1972 they had 997 trees per acre. In 1998, the latest survey, they were back to 346 trees per acre.)

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2020-08-01 03:24:59
so sad that we aren't caring about the nature that provided us so much things.๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

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How many trees are cut down in a day?

5 to 3 trees are cut down each day. ):

How any trees are cut down a day?

There are 2000 trees cut down a day

How many trees are cut down in the world per minute?

In the rainforest, it is said that at least 100 trees are cut down per minute. However, there are thousands of trees cut down every day all over the world.

How many hectares of trees are cut down in the world every day?

About 80 billion hectares are cut down in the world every single day. 70% of that is cut down in the rain forest.

How many trees are cut down per day?

There are over 29 million trees that are cut down each year. 100 trees per minute are cut down in the rainforest to provide the materials to build homes, make furniture and paper.

How many trees get destroyed each year in America?

I'm not sure about in America.... But I know how many get cut a year around the whole world: At least 25,000,000 trees are cut down every year. And how much get cut down every day is: About 8 to 17 thousand are cut down a day. Save the world! =)

How many trees are cut down for paper bags each day?

Each year, 14 million trees are cut down to make just 10 million paper bags.

How much bamboo is cut down each day in China?

Around 2,000 trees are being cut down in China each day so that is 73000 trees per year.

How many trees are cut down in a day in Canada?

That is likely to vary, even by the season. How many could be cut down in the middle of winter? Maybe none? It is God that designed all.

How many animals die from trees getting cut down a day?

we cannot except how much animals can die

How many trees are being cut down each day in the Congo?

about 3000 beacause people hate animals!

How many trees would you have to replant a day for each tree cut down?

you world have to replant around 10 to 20 million trees per day and that is alot. Thanks x

What is the percentage of trees cut down in 1 day?

this should help: every minute an area of 6 football fields worth of trees in the amazon rainforest are cut down or burned

How many trees are being cut down per day for furniture?

i think.......uhm........ a million per day... becoz many people using it for a job, to have money.

At every second of every day is 2 acres cut down in the rain forest?

no they are trying to cut down on cutting down trees but not every second

How many trees get cut down each day in the Amazon rainforest?

idk maybe 50 --------------------------------------------------------------------- It is alot more than that. 1440 hectares, but I don't know how many trees that is.

How many trees are cut down a day used for paper worldwide?

TWENTY MILLION ACRES of forest are cut down each day, and 30% (SIX MILLION ACRES PER DAY!) becomes wood pulp for paper. There's an average worldwide of about 20 trees per acre, so that's about.... ONE HUNDRED TWENTY MILLION TREES PER DAY! disgusting...

How many rain forest trees are lost a day?

like LEGIT rain forgets none but there are over 1000's of tree cut down in a day!!

How many trees are felled each day?

up to 4 trees per second320 per minuet19,200 per hour460,800 per daythis is only if 4 trees are cut down per second, (and is not the average)Im not sure if this answers your question but a forest the size of 4 Football (soccer) fields is cut down every minute :)

How many trees get chopped down a day?

it's about 3`4567 get chopped down a day

How many palm trees are being cut down?

About 39 Are cut down each day in the state of calafornia. Globally I would say about 15000 Look at this palm tree forest

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