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This answer will vary by quite a large degree depending on the types of trees in the given acre, the local conditions and many other factors. However, if we are talking about an average value, then you could do worse than to use the US Department of Energy's value from "Sector-Specific Issues and Reporting Methodologies Supporting the General Guidelines for the Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases" under Sections 1605(b) of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 which puts average tree cover per acre as 700 (this assumes you are indeed talking about a forest as you didn't state exactly).

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Q: How many trees in an acre?
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How many moringa trees to an acre?

How many morning a trees per acre

How many trees are in a single acre of rain forest?

There are as many trees as you want to have, the trees don't make the acre, the measurement of the land does...

How many trees are in one acre of forest?

This depends on how many feet the trees are spaced apart. If the trees are spaced about a foot apart, then there is going to be about 43,560 trees in one acre.

How many rubber trees per acre?

150-200 trees

How many avocado trees can be planted per acre?

55 to 65 trees

How many coconut trees per acre in India?

40 coconut trees

How many rubber trees can be planted in one acre of land in India?

with in 200 trees

How many rubber trees will be there in one acre?

Approximately 228

How many Christmas trees can you plant in one acre?


How many silver oak trees can be planted in one acre?


How many trees are in one acre?

It could be any number. It depends upon the acre which is a piece of land about 209 feet by 209 feet. maybe zero trees, maybe hundreds.

How many palm oil trees can you plant per care of land?

About 50-60 trees per acre

How many trees can be planted on an acre?

It depends on what kind of trees you want to plant. Dwarf fruit trees, for example, can be planted several hundred to the acre, while a large shade tree such as a silver maple might have fewer than ten.

How many trees would fit in one acre?

I read some place that you can have about 350

How many apple trees can be planted on one square acre of land?

maybe 13?

How many trees does a rainforest have?

Take the number of acres and multiply that by 400. 400 is a rough estimate of the number of trees in a rainforest acre.

How many species of trees can be found in a single acre of rain forest?

i dont know that is why i am asking!

How many orange trees per acre?

20 plants of oranges are planted in per a cre

How much oxygen produced form 1 acre of trees?

One acre of trees provides enough oxygen for 18 people per day.

How much poplar trees can be planted in 1 acre?

700 plants can be planted in 1 acre

How many average spiders are on 1 acre of land?

Ive read 80000 spiders per acre. Sounds like a lot, but many live in the trees and bushes as well.

How many pine trees can be grown on one acre of land?

You can generally count on about 350 Loblolly pines per acre for timber-harvesting purposes. I don't know the maximum amount you could grow, but it wouldn't be the best conditions for the trees.

Trees planted 4feet by 14feet equals how many trees per acre?

1 acre = 43,560 square feet. If you have 1ft x 1ft space you can fit 43,560 trees in one acre. In this case you have an area of 4 ft by 14 ft, when multiplied together you get the area, which means you have 56 square feet allocated per tree. So take the space 43,560 divide by space required 56 and it gives you 777.86. 43,560 / 56 = 777.86, the answer is you can fit 777 trees per acre.

How many trees are there in the world?

The approximate forested area of the Earth is estimated at 9.6 billion acres. One acre can hold, very roughly, 500 trees. So, we can estimate that the planet has 5 trillion trees.

How many centimetres are in a acre?

How many centimeters are in a acre