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Aproximately 1,789,000 US Servicemen served in the Korean War.

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How many countries in the UN contribute in the Korean War?

15 countries from the UN sent troops into Korea.

How many US troops were sent in the Korean War?

The troops were not sent in the Korean war

How many troops fought in the Korean War?

Around 1,500,000 troops total.

How many troops are in the North Korean military?

Between active, paramilitary and reserve troops, there are about 9,495,000 people in the North Korean military.

How many American troops fought in the Korean War?

In total about 480,000 Americans served in the Korean War.

How many Russians lost their lives in the Korean war?

None, zero, zip. No Russian troops were in the Korean War.

How many troops did the is lose in the Korean war?

there was an estimated 7 million soldiers that died during the korean war, and 3 million civilians.

United States sent how many troops during the Korean war?


Why did Australia fight in the Korean war?

Because the UN sent many troops to defend South Korea and Australia is part of the U.N. but it was mostly U.S. troops

How many troops did President Truman sent to Vietnam?

Truman was Commander in Chief during the Korean War.

How many us troops died in Korean war?

Over 33,000 US Servicemen died in Korea.

How did the Korean War affect the United States and Russia?

Many Korean troops tried to eacape into Germany after the Korean war (25th June 1950) Both Koerans and German's joined forces to create a new army.

What element of the Korean war would most likely suggest that the conflict was a proxy war?

Many battles were fought by Chinese and U.S. troops rather than Korean forces.

Which aspect of the Korean War indicates that it was a part of the Cold War as well as a civil war?

Many of the troops who supported North Korea were Chinese, while many of the troops who fought for South Korea were American.

What impact did the Korean War have on the United States?

The Korean war had a very profound impact on the US. It cost a little over two billion dollars in supplies for the troops and it cost 54,291 in American lives. General Douglas MacArthur was a household name at the peak of the Korean war because of his services in WWII but when he was removed from the US army by Truman for attempting to wage all out war on North Korea and the Soviet Union, many people in the US and even the UK were outraged.

How did Hollywood and the USO contribute to the war effort?

USO had live performances for overseas troops during World War II, in which many Hollywood actors and actresses joined. This helped boost the morale of the troops.

How did the deaths of the Canadian troops in the Korean War effect Canada?

Many momuments were set up all around the world to commemomorate those who died. they saved the lives the many south Koreans, and they won the Korean war. if they hadn't south Korea would be communist to this day.

Connecticuts role in the Revolutionary War?

Connecticut's primary role in the Revolutionary War was in providing troops and supplies for battles fought elsewhere.In fact, Connecticut provided so many supplies that it became known as the bread basket of the Revolution.

Why did United States send troops to fight in Vietnam?

Presidents in both parties continued to send troops and supplies to fight in Vietnam because they feared the spreading of communism. Many of them also remembered Hitler from Germany and the atrocities that he committed.

How many wars has North Korea been in?

Two. They participated in the Korean War (obviously) and they sent a few troops to support the Viet Cong side in the Vietnam War.

How many troops did Gov Sherman command?

100,00o troops.......What would you do with that many troops?

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