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How many troops did Germany have in World War 2?

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!6 million

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How many troops did Germany deploy in World War 1?


How many troops did Germany mobilize in the World War 1?

11 million in total after the war was done

Which country mobilized the most troops during World War 1?

Germany mobilized the most troops. yeah Germany ROCKS man! best in the world

What countries did US troops fight in World War 1?


What were the troops who fighting angianst Germany in world war 2?

The Allies.

Where were the troops in World War 2?

It all depends what kind of troops you mean, America was in Germany and Japan, British troops were in Germany and other countries to protect the empire.

How many troops did Germany have during the war?

400 0000

Did English troops set foot in Germany in World War 2?

Yes................throughout the war.

How many troops was Germany able to mobilize in World War 1?

Germany mobilized 13.25 million troops in World War 1. Surprisingly this was more than Russia did, but by a small margin. Still, based of Russia's population, one might believe Russia would have had a greater number than Germany.

Who decided Britain was at war World War 2?

Britain told Germany to remove their troops from Poland. Germany refused and Britain declared war on them

What started the World War 2 war?

When Britain and France declared war on germany because Germany sent a million troops to invade poland.

What did the Soviet Union do with its troops after World War 2?

Most of their troops abandoned russia, and sold their uniforms in Germany.

What nation only had 250000 troops at the beginning of world war 1?


Was Germany occupied by the German troops in World War 2?

yes it t'was

What were the effects on Germany fighting a two front war in World War 2?

The effects were that Germany's troops had to be spread out, if they fought on a single front Germany would not have to spread out troops, meaning more organization, and it would be generally easier for Germany to win the war.

How did US troops stop Germany in World War 2?

they did something with an atomic bomb

Where did the German troops surrender to the soviet union in World War 2?

Berlin , Germany

What year did the US send troops to fight in Germany in World War I?

There was almost no fighting in Germany in World War 1, except in East Prussia in August-September, 1914.

What treaty ended the war with Germany?

In World War I, Germany signed an Armistice with the allied forces. The Treaty of Versailles was a document signed after World War I, blaming Germany to pay back all monies in damages due to the war. In World War II, Germany surrendered when Soviet and Allied troops surrounded Berlin.

How many troops served in World War I?

who took care of the troops in ww1

Why did Germany begin world war ii?

Because Germany thought it could conquer the world. In 1939, nazi troops invaded Poland and took almost all of Europe. By 1945, though, Germany was surrounded by Russian and Us troops.

What countries did American troops fight in in World War I?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria.

Who was occupying East Germany at the end of world war 2?

Russian troops took the city on...

How many american troops in World War 2?

Around 16 Million US troops were deployed during World War 2.

How many planes did Germany have at beginning of World War I?

how many planes id germany have at start of World War 1

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