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In February, 1965, the Viet Cong attacked an American military base near Pleiku. Using the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, President Johnson sent in 3,500 Marines, the first official troops, to South Vietnam. By the end of the year, there were 200,000 US troops in Vietnam.

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What president first sent troops to south Vietnam?

Eisenhower sent US Military Advisers to Vietnam in '55.

When were the first combat troops sent to vietnam?

US Regulars landed in Vietnam in 1965.

When did US army go to Vietnam?

First ground troops were sent to Vietnam in 1965.

When did president Nixon first send troops to Vietnam?

Kennedy was the first president to send troops to Vietnam (others before him sent advisors, but not troops), Johnson escalated the number of troops... Nixon got us out of Vietnam.

When were US first troops sent to Vietnam?

US special troops in 1955; US conventional troops in 1965.

When did President Kennedy send troops to Vietnam?

Actually, the first US troops were sent to Vietnam in 1955, Six years before Kennedy's presidency.

When did American troops first enter Vietnam?

This info is very likely still classified,and the first troops sent were officially "advisers",long before the Vietnam War started in 1965.

How many troops did Eisenhower send into Vietnam?

President Eisenhower sent US advisers to Vietnam in 1955.

Who was the Australian prime minister that sent the troops to the Vietnam war?

On 28 April, 1965, Australian Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, announced that Australian troops would be sent to support the United States forces in the Vietnam war. The first Australian troops arrived in Vietnam in May 1965.

Why were Australian troops sent to Vietnam?

Australian troops were sent to Vietnam on Robert Menzies orders (the Australian prime minister of the time). They were sent to Vietnam because Communism was spreading throughout Asia, and Menzies feared it coming to Australia, so he sent our troops in. Although, our troops only started out as advisers to our allies, but sometime later Menzies decided to send in our combat troops.

How many troops where in Vietnam during the start of Kennedy's presidency?

There were not any troops in Vietnam during the Kennedy administration. Just 500 military advisors. Kennedy was assassinated before we sent troops

What president sent more troops than any other sitting president into Vietnam?

Lyndon Johnson sent the greatest number of US troops into Vietnam.

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