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It depends on what kind of division; i.e. infantry, armored, etc. A US Army Infantry Division had 687 Officers, 42 Warrant Officers & 12,959 Enlisted Men in its Table of Organization during WW 2. An Armored Division had 558 Officers, 51 Warrant Officers & 10,001 Enlisted Men in its Table of Organization.

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Q: How many troops were in a US Army division in World War 2?
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How many troops in army division?

10,000 to 15,000

How many men in a division in the army?

The number of men varied between country and type of unit. For US Army, the typical infantry division had 15,000 men. The Airborne Division had 9,000 troops.

US Army how many troops in platoon and division?

About 20 to 40 soldiers per platoon, 10,000 to 15.000 per division!

how many troops in a division?

Depends. The U.S. Army has divisions of 10,000 to 30,000. Other countries have divisions of less than 5,000.

How many troops died is world war 2?

it depends of what army

How many troops are currently in the US army?

There are currently 145,000 troops serving in The US Army Today.

How many troops were in the regular army at the start of the war of 1812?

7,000 Troops!

How many troops in british army?


How many men in an army division?

US Army in WW2 12,000

What is the nickname of the US Army's 101st Airborne division?

Many US Army divisions have nicknames. The US Army's 101st Airborne division (which is the division trained for air assault operations) is nicknamed 'The Screaming Eagles'.

How many soldiers in a US army division?

Infantry Division ~15,000 Airborne Division ~12,000 Armored Division ~15,000(?)

How many troops in Russian army?

over 5000

How many troops are in the Canadian army?

At Least 10,000

How many divisions are there is the us army?

Currently there are 10 Active Army Divisions. They are the 1st Armored Division, 1st Cavalry Division, 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division, 3rd Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Division, 10th Mountain Division, 25th Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne Division, and the 101st Airborne Division.

How many times larger was the Union army than the Confederate army?

The Union army was nearly twice as large as the Confederate army in the US Civil War. The confederate army had a strength of 1,064,000 troops while the Union Army had a strength of roughly 2,100,000 troops.

How many troops served in the England army?

There is no English army, however the British army currently has112,000 personal (regular army) and 34,000 (territorial army).

How many men were in the british army in 1815?

Approximately 200,000 were posted all over the world in 1815. Of course Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo had only 23,000 British troops, (including Irish), with another 44,000 allied troops, (not including the Prussian Army, which was led by Blucher).

How many troops were in the regular army in war of 1812?


How many troops were in the US Army before World War 2?

The 1938 strength was about 167,000 Plus 190.000 in the National Guard. By 1940 the regular Army had increased to 280,000 with 240,000 in the Guard.

How many people are in a army division?

10,000 to 18,000 soldiers This answer may vary depending on Country, Period and type of Division. An infantry division may be larger than a parachute division or a tank division. A typical US Army Infantry Division in WW2 consisted of approximately 15,000 men at full strength.

How many troops did Harold Godwinson have in his army?

over 9000 I believe

How many soldiers were there in the English army in ww1?

140,000 fresh troops

How many army troops did William duke of Normandy have?

Over a thousand

What is the historical importance of the pentagon?

It is the war center of America and has supplied troops, a navy and air forces for the US Army and has helped by supplying and comanding troops air forces and navy ships during World War II and many wars.

How many troops did Russia mobilize in World War 1?

Russia mobilized 140,000 troops in World 1 Russia mobilized 140,000 troops in World 1 Russia mobilized 140,000 troops in World 1 Russia mobilized 140,000 troops in World 1