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How many types of Christians?


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the main groups are catholic and Protestant. From Protestant stems many other denominations.

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There are a few types of Christians the tradition Christians, the charismatic Christians , the catholic christians as well.

Christians practice Christianity. That is the name of the religion. There are many types of this religion, such as Catholicism or Protestantism.

If you are speaking about the people, everyone is different, so the answer is infinite.

Many different types such as, Puritans, people from the church of england, Catolics, and other types of Christians.

YES Christians believe in the existence of evil spirits, which is what they believe ghosts are. Christians do not believe a ghost is a dead person haunting humans or places on earth. There are also many different types of christians with different beliefs so your answer will vary.

for christians its baptising

There are many different types of Christians like Lutheran, Methodist, Babtist, and many other. there really is no MAIN type

Not all Christians use a rosary but many Roman Catholic Christians do.

No, Mormons and Christians are not the same thing. Mormons are a relatively small group within the much larger Christian community. This question is similar to asking if Volkswagens and cars are the same thing. Volkswagens are cars, but there are other kinds of cars, too. Likewise, Mormons are Christians, but there are many other types of Christians, too.

10.4 of cardiff are CHRISTIANS

They beat, excecuted, and burned many of the christians. * Persecution of early Christians by the Romans * Persecution of Christians

Brazil has many christians as it is a christian country , and most are catholics.

33% of the world's population considers themselves Christians. That includes all types, though. In June 2009, there were approximately 2 billion Christians living in the world.

In 1900, there were 9 million Christians in Africa. But by 2000, there were 380 million Christians.

Many, but not all, Christians pray daily.

AnswerIn China, there are an estimated 70 million Christians, so Asia is one continent that has a lot of Christians, and of course the Americas have many Christians.

There are as many Christian beliefs as there are Christians.

Christians believe there is only one God.

There are 2.1 billion christians in the world in 2009.

Christians only worship one God.

As many as there are christians

They were non Christians. They believed in many different gods. Not in just one god.

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