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It's difficult to answer this question, because the fossil record does not include all animals that have ever lived, nor do we know which extinctions were actually caused by humans directly.

Some prehistoric species that have become extinct due to human actions are the Dodo, they all lived on one island, and humans used them for lamp oil and new animals like dogs and cats were introduced. We're not sure if the mammoth died because of humans.

Humans were responsible for at least 500 extinctions in recent history.

However it it more than possible that humans have killed over 1000 species over the course of our existence.

Scientist find it quite suspicious that a many large animals (saber toothed cats, mammoths, ground sloths, etc.) went extinct near the time that humans arrived in north and south America.

It also depends on what counts as making an animal go extinct, for instance when humans cut down an entire forest and animals have nowhere to go, and go extinct, the humans didn't directly kill the animals.

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Q: How many types of animals have gone extinct because of humans?
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