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How many types of cameras are there?


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It's hard to give a simple answer. There are many types of cameras including:

  • Single Use Cameras
  • Compact Lens-Shutter Cameras
  • Bridge Cameras
  • Rangefinders
  • Twin Lens Reflex
  • SLR (Single Lens Reflex)

Digital compacts and SLRs are one category, but film cameras come in many shapes and sizes for a number of different roles, from 8x10 inch view cameras (the size of the sheet film they take) to 110 pocket cameras.

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Canon produces many different types of cameras, ranging from family photo cameras to professional Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras. While they are all digital now, Canon used to produce many film cameras.

There are two basic types, consumer cameras and DSLR cameras, which are meant more for professionals.

Too many to list if you are not interested only in one family type of camera (such as still photography).Love 12: There are many types of camerassuch as:Single Use CamerasCompact Lens-Shutter CamerasBridge CamerasRangefindersTwin Lens ReflexSLR (Single Lens Reflex) and that's all i know of offer variety of brand name digital cameras, including SLR Professional and Compact Point & Shot types of cameras.

Sony has four main types of digital cameras that it creates. These four categories of digital cameras are the Sony Cyber-shot series (point and click), Alpha NEX cameras, Alpha DSLR cameras, and video cameras and camcorders.

This is a very vague question because there are many types of pocket digital cameras. But they range a lot just depending on the brand and size of it.

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Converging lenses are usally uses on cameras as they act as a magnifyer.

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Not necessarily. They are a variety of different types and brands of cameras as well as types. Your best bet would be to look at Amazon to see a comprehensive list that includes prices.

Not all cameras are made of metal. Some types of cameras, like the SONY DSC - T7 are made of a metal outer core, but the inside still consists of many plastics, glass and flex cable materials.

Yes, CCTV cameras are able to capture a wide range of activity around your home. There are many different types of CCTV cameras to fit your needs, such as; full range, infared, body, and anti-vandal cameras.

As a cmos camera can refer to many different types of cameras, it's hard to answer this. Mainly, cmos cameras are less expensive to manufactiure, resulting in cheaper cameras in general. That's about all I can tell you, sorry!

Seven. There are seven cameras.

There are a few types of cameras sold by Argus. Argus has the A, B and C versions of cameras, and was also one of the first camera companies to be used in the makings of movies. Also they were among the first type pf C-2 cameras sold to the public.

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There are many types of entertainment software. Some of these include DVDs, CDs, computers, cell phones, cameras, Blu-Rays, and video games.

SLR and Point-and-Shoot cameras

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