How many types of guns were used in ww1?

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Some as falows:


M1903 Springfield

M1892-99 Springfield

M1917 Enfield

Lee-Enfield (AEF soldiers in Commonwealth units)

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle

Winchester Model Lee 1895 (Used by the Navy)

Winchester Model 1895

Winchester Model 1907

Remington Model 8

Berthier rifle (AEF soldiers in French units)

Machine Guns

M1917 Browning Machine Gun


Lewis Gun

Hotchkiss M1909 Benet-Mercie machine gun

Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun

M1895 Colt-Browning machine gun

Vickers machine gun


Winchester M1897

Winchester M1912

Browning Auto-5

Remington Model 10


F1 Grenade
Mk 1 grenade

Mk 2 grenadebr

Mills bomb
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What machine guns were used in ww1?

This is far from a complete list Russia M1908 Maxim Great Britain Vickers Lewis Colt US Browning Colt Chauchat Austria-Hungary Schwarzlose Germany Maxim France Chauchat

How many types of guns are there?

This cannot really be answered. There are thousands of gun types and models for different cartridges. Basic groups would include handguns, and long guns. Long guns would include rifles, shotguns, and combination rifle/shotguns. But then things multiply quickly. Handguns- revolver, automatic, automat ( Full Answer )

What type of guns are used by police?

In the U.S., different police departments use different guns. As far as handguns go, Glock has 60% or so of the market. Sig has a pretty good percentage of the rest, and there are a few others that have the remainder. In some small cities, individual officers can carry anything they want, but in man ( Full Answer )

Were spears and swords used in ww1 or just guns?

The first casualty inflicted by the British army in Europe during WWI occurred when Captain Charles Hornby of the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards killed a German uhlan with his sabre. He did so when his troop charged some German cavalry near Casteau on the morning of August 22 1914. The cavalry's use ( Full Answer )

How were machine guns used in WW1?

machine guns were basically used the same way as they are now, but far more dangerous. At the squeeze of a trigger they could fire 500 to 1000 rounds per minute

At type of steel is used for guns?

If you mean what type of steel are guns made from, it depends. Some cheap guns aren't even made from steel, but instead some sort of cheap pot metal.

What type of gas was used in ww1?

the type of gas witch was used in ww1 was gases such as mustard , phasgene , chlorine (lethal) ect .

What types of guns do CSI use?

If you mean in real life, it just depends on what the local police department requires. If you mean the TV show, I have no idea.

Why were hand guns used in ww1?

They were easier to carry.. They were only used as a second firearm and never a primary weapon. It is their last line of defence.

How many machine gun casualties were there in ww1?

It is impossible to offer a definitive answer to this question because of statistics on exactly what weapon caused each death were not kept. The machine gun use was widespread throughout the different fronts, causing the majority of deaths. An example of this was the first day of the Battle of th ( Full Answer )

How many type of guns are there?

It depends on what you mean by type. There are handguns, shotguns, rifles, black powder rifles, etc. Within those types, there are guns made for different things, such as target pistols, pistols designed for self defense, cheap crappy pistols there were never really meant to be shot, hunting rifles, ( Full Answer )

What kind of gun did soldiers mostly use in ww1?

Machine guns came into widespread use in WWI. These fired the standard rifle cartridge but featured heavy construction, elaborate mountings, and water cooling mechanisms that enabled heavy fire with excellent accuracy, but was too cumbersome to move quickly. The Maxim was the most used machine gun o ( Full Answer )

What guns did Germany have in ww1?

The standard weapon in the German army, the 7.92 mm Mauser Gewehr 98 was designed (as its name suggests) in 1898 by Peter Paul Mauser (1838-1914). Somewhat superior in design to the majority of its contemporaries, it incorporated the clip and magazine into a single detachable mechanism, saving valu ( Full Answer )

What was a machine gun use for in ww1?

The machine gun provided covering fire for troops who where going to take an enemy trench. They would also mow down enemy troops trying to take their trench.

What types of guns were used in the Alamo?

The combatants used two types of hand-held firearms. The more prevalent flintlock released a cock holding a flint to spark the gunpowder. The caplock struck a percussion cap to set off the main charge .

What was the best gun in ww1?

WWI is known for the first "modern" war with a bunch of new kinds of weapons being used on a massive scale with a big impact. The machinegun is such an invention. So I say the "best gun" of World War One is the Browning M1917 belt-fed water-cooled machinegun. This gun served in WWI, WWII and Korea, ( Full Answer )

What type of gun was used?

Several different types of guns were used during the Vietnam war. The most common used by the allies was the M-16 rifle and the 45 auto hand gun. The Vietcong also used a variety of weapons the most common was the AK-47. However many other types were used by both sides.

What types of guns do police use?

Law enforcement "service weapons" vary widely, and the standards are usually set by the individual departments and agencies. Most agencies try to standardize on one weapon and one caliber to ease purchase, maintenance, and training problems. Most, but not by any means all, have gone to semi-automati ( Full Answer )

What type of guns did conquistadors use?

They used matchlock and wheel-lock firearms, which were barrel-loading single-shot weapons that used external application of gunpowder.. These included pistols, muskets, arquebus (a kind of large-calibre heavy rifle that was supported on a bipod), and of course heavy cannon.

What was the effect of machine guns in ww1?

Devastation. The tactics used in the First World War were remnants of 19th Century warfare, which did not involve the use of machine guns, and relied heavily on human wave attacks. When countered with continuous machine gun fire, the obsolescence of these tactics came to light.

What type gun was used on a spitfire?

8 fixed wing mounted 0.303 Browning Machine guns this might be different on different variants. 8 fixed wing mounted 0.303 Browning Machine guns figure may change foe different variants.

What types of guns were used in the 1300s?

Depending on when in the 1300s, either none (before the invention of guns) or very crude cannon. The earliest looked a bit like a large, short metal vase, Probably made of brass or bronze. The very early cannon used large arrows as a projectile.

What type machine guns were used in ww1?

they would mostly use mg42's and they weighed up to 15 kg so it was very hard carrying them around but they also used Browning's which were more popular in world war 2.

What types of soldiers were used in ww1?

Well there were many soldiers used in the WW1 but the main ones are volunteers, these are people who volunteer to go for the war, there are conscripts who are soldiers that were meant to be going into the war and lastly there were boy soldiers how were soldiers that younger that the actual age to be ( Full Answer )

What type of guns did the Yamato battleship use?

The Yamato and Musashi were Yamato Class battleships that each had 18.1 inch naval guns as their main armament ~ see related link below to additional information .

What types of machine guns were used?

Used... when? The machine gun has been around for over 120 years. You would need to narrow down your timeframe a bit for an answer to be given.

What type of gun does 007 use?

Traditionally, a .32 calibre Walther PPK. I more recent film versions, he's used the Walther P99.

What type of gun was used when Lincoln was assassinated?

A short barrelled, single shot, percussion cap ignited, black powder and lead ball pistol of around .58 cal. This type of firearm was commonly called a "derringer" after John Deringer of Phila. who was famous for producing high quality firearms of this type.

What types of guns were in WW1?

Rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolver, and machineguns. Among other rifles- the Germans used the k98 Mauser, the British the SMLE, the Russians the 91/30 Moisin Nagant, the Americans the 1903 Springfield.

How many types of hand guns are there?

Hundreds. They are generally separated into revolvers and pistols (anything not a revolver) But then it becomes complex. There are different types of revolvers, such as single action, double action, top break, tip up, swing out cylinder, etc. There are single shot pistols that are top break, and bol ( Full Answer )

What is better used in WW1 machine guns or airplanes?

In world war 1 the planes were in no way effective, only to be used as biplanes and such, not like the spitfire in world war 2 which played a big part in it.Therefore machine guns were much more developed than airplanes.

Who developed the machine gun mg42's used in WW1?

I think you mean WWII or ww2 Development of the MG42 was by Metall und Lackierwarenfabrik Johannes Großfuß AG It was designed to replace the mg34 but both were used till the end of WWII

What does machine gun mean in WW1?

Same as it ever means, a gun that can fire a large number of rounds until either the shooter takes his finger off the trigger, or it runs out of ammo.

What type of guns do the Canadian military use?

The Canadian Military uses the FN FAL as their standard infantry rifle. This rifle is typically used by all the NATO members but the United States, which typically uses M16, M14, and M4.

What type of gun do woman use?

There is no one gun that women use. I would remind you that during WW 2, some of the top snipers of the Soviet Army were women, who used bolt action Mosin/ Nagant rifles.

What type of guns used in 1769?

Mainly flintlock smoothbore muskets, with a few flintlock rifles. There were also flintlock pistols and "fowling pieces"- shotguns.

How many types of ammo for guns?

There are hundreds of slightly different types of ammo. For rifles, the most common are ball, blank, tracer, armor piercing, incendiary, frangible and dummy.

How many casualties did the machine gun cause in ww1?

There are no figures for the total number of casualties caused bymachine guns in WW1. But an internet search found an example of theeffectiveness of the weapon - On the first day of the SommeOffensive, the British lost 60.000 soldiers mostly due to machinegun fire.