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Hundreds. They are generally separated into revolvers and pistols (anything not a revolver) But then it becomes complex. There are different types of revolvers, such as single action, double action, top break, tip up, swing out cylinder, etc. There are single shot pistols that are top break, and bolt action. There are double and single action pistols, and even fully automatic (machine pistols). There are shotgun pistols, small caliber pistols, ones that will fit in a vest pocket, and some that have scopes and a bipod. There are antique black powder pistols and revolvers, and pistols with frames made of plastic type polymers. The study of firearms is a VERY broad subject.

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How many different types of guns are there?

There are only two types, long guns and hand guns.

How many main types of guns are there?

Two: Hand guns and Long guns

How many types of firearms are there?

Two - hand guns and long guns.

How many different types of guns are there in the 60's?

There are only two types of firearms. Long guns and hand guns.

What types of guns were made in the 1600s?

hand guns, long guns, blackpowder

Is it really 170 to 300 million different types of guns?

No. There are only two types of guns. Long guns and Hand guns.

What types of guns were made in Oct 1884?

Hand guns and long guns, cannons

How many types of guns are there in the world?

how many types of guns are there in the world?

How many kinds of guns are in the world?

Only two; hand guns and long guns.

How many types of paintball guns are there?

there are 7952 paintball guns in the world

What type of guns?

There are many different types of guns! Shot guns, rifles, hand guns, pistols, even paint guns and air soft guns. Then with each type there are different callibers, which is the size of the bullet that is shot through it. the higher the number the bigger the calliber therefore the bigger the bullet and generally the bigger the gun.

Name all the types of guns in the world?

Hand Guns and Long Guns make up the vast majority. Those not covered by those two terms are military in nature.

How many types of toy guns are there in the world?

there is about 1,000,000 toy guns in the japan whole

Types of 32 caliber hand guns?

32 short, 32 long, 32 ACP

How many different types of hand guns are there?

This question is hard to answer because it needs to be more specific. Are you asking how many operating types of handguns? Such as revolvers, semi automatic, single shot, muzzle loader, etc? Or are you asking how many models, of all guns, of all companies ever? Or another type of question altogether?

Types of guns?

Many, many types, ranging from water guns all the way up to artillery pieces known as siege guns. That's about as much of an answer as can be given, considering you haven't actually asked a question.

Types of hand guns?

There are two basic types of what you would call "modern" firearms. There are revolvers and semi-automatics. There are sub-categories of those, such as single action, double action, double action only, and variants. There are also other types of hand guns, such as flint-lock, wheel lock, and single shot.

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