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there are 76 different ways to kiss.

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Q: How many types of kissing are there?
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What are the different types of kissing?

Kiss, open mouth kiss, making out, french kissing

What do guys like girls to do when kissing?

There is different types of kissing usually a long kiss is a French kiss where the two's tongues can explore eachothers mouths.

What are different types of kisses?

Diffferent types of kisses are simply styles and romantic ways of kissing someone. As you may know kissing is one of the most intimate and sensuous to experience with somebody you are dating,but there are different methods and ways of performing this very intimate art. There are different varieties and lots of kissing methods. But the trick is to practise tjem all if you like and pick the one that work best for you and later invent your own method and style of kissing. The more you practise the more you become a pro kisser. Below are differet types of kiss: French kissing- This type of kissing involves kissing someone while using your tongue to caress each others tongue snd lips. Cheek kissing- Is genytly way of kissing someone on the cheek. It's is done by hold your partner in the shoulder and droping a gently kiss on her shoulder. It's anohter way to say I really like you. Earlobe kiss- This type of kissing involves gently kissing and nibbling your partner's earlobe. Don't make too much noise on the ear since it is a very sensitized sound object. Eskimo kiss- Just get move to close ot your partner and rub your nose with your partner's own. Eye kiss- Is another romantic way of kissing your partner. You do this by holding your partner's head and moving slightly towards the direction that you wish gently kiss your partners face upwards and then kiss them gently on their closed eyes. These are just some of the types of kissing available as there are still many types and method of kissing.

How many kissing scene have joe cheng and Ariel lin?

43 kissing scenes

How many pages does Kissing the Gunner's Daughter have?

Kissing the Gunner's Daughter has 345 pages.

What are all the different types of kissing?

You can't really name all the different types of kissing but I will tell you some: fish kiss, French kiss, a peck, lip to lip, etc. If you want more answers go on wikipedia

Diseases that you can get from kissing?

Mononucleosis and herpes are diseases that can be transmitted by kissing. Streptococcus infections, cytomegalovirus, hand, foot and mouth disease, and the three types of hepatitis can also be transmitted this way.

Diseases transmitted through wet kissing?

There are many diseases that can be transmitted through wet kissing such as mono. Bacterial meningitis can also be spread through wet kissing.

How many hours is 300 Mega bites?

Kissing plauge rats on the lips is bad but kissing them on the belly is okay.

How many kissing diseases exist?

There are many from mononucleosis to cold sores..

How many kissing scens in twilight eclipse?


How many ounce of saliva do you consume kissing?

A liter?

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