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How many types of kissing are there?


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there are 76 different ways to kiss.

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There is different types of kissing usually a long kiss is a French kiss where the two's tongues can explore eachothers mouths.

Making out is when you stick your tongue in the other persons mouth and so on. Another way is kissing for a long time. If you realize you have been kissing for abnormally longer than you have been making out. Making out is kissing but better, french kissing can be involved and also kissing the neck and way more! Look on types of kisses.:)

Kissing the Gunner's Daughter has 345 pages.

You can't really name all the different types of kissing but I will tell you some: fish kiss, French kiss, a peck, lip to lip, etc. If you want more answers go on wikipedia

Mononucleosis and herpes are diseases that can be transmitted by kissing. Streptococcus infections, cytomegalovirus, hand, foot and mouth disease, and the three types of hepatitis can also be transmitted this way.

There are many diseases that can be transmitted through wet kissing such as mono. Bacterial meningitis can also be spread through wet kissing.

It can be. It depends on many factors, but namely: when you were kissing, where you were kissing, and who you were kissing. when is like at a meeting or something of the sort. where is what room, copier room, boiler room, bathroom. who is management or no. if the unsaid person is management, then yes.

To make sure they aren't dreaming of kissing such a beautiful girl. it could also be that they are visual types and like to sight of kissing a beautiful woman adds to the rush!

There are many from mononucleosis to cold sores..

Do just what you feel is good. Many people do close their eyes when kissing, but it's not compulsory.

Friendly kissing between girls is common in many cultures.Romantic kissing should be only when you are serious!There's nothing wrong with kissing other girls.Many ppl do it.. It's perfectly normal. (:

Emo Boys Kissing is a new trend that is hitting the blogs of young emos everywhere. You can find Emo Boys Kissing On YouTube and Tumblr. There are also many blogs dedicated to Emo Boys Kissing.

There are many diseases you can get from kissing, but not tumors, tumors are a mutation in the skin, and it's not contagious, so no you cannot.

Well in many cultures kissing a lamb is good luck

You are either not into the person that you are kissing or your not kissing seductively.

Well, there are many types of bases...the 1st base is just kissing, sencond is groping and such...3rd is nakedness...4th is umm i think u know! (: hope this helps

Of course there is a feeling of kissing, Humans feel everything and I think the feeling of kissing is the best feeling ever. Well, it depends whom you are kissing and where you're kissing, but still the feeling of kissing definitely exists, regardless of who you are kissing.

no there is no kissing i think but i know theres no kissing

well it means two guys kissing or two girls kissing......

If a person has oral herpes, it is spread by kissing.

I sure hope not! But most people say with these types of braces these days, its impossible for them to get stuck! (:

The principals of kissing don't change between genders or types of relationships. But the easiest way is to be open about your sexuality.

French Kiss,Butterfly Kiss,Eskimo Kiss,Soul Kiss,Thrown Kiss,Blown and bunholes

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