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there are six types of laughing buddha

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2012-03-10 16:53:23
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Q: How many types of laughing Buddha are there?
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In Buddhism what does mi-lo-fo mean?

it means laughing buddha laughing laughing Buddha laughing Buddha

Can a laughing Buddha be put in the garden?

You can put a laughing Buddha anywhere

How do you pray to laughing Buddha?

Another answer from our community:With all due respect to your religious beliefs, you cannot pray to a Laughing Buddha. It cannot hear you. It is not living but an object of representation.

Is there is any harm in keeping broken laughing buddha?

can we keep broken laughing buddha

Where to place laughing Buddha wealth one in the house?

You can place a Wealth Laughing Buddha facing the entrance.

How do you say Big Belly Laughing Buddha in Chinese language....?

Big Belly Laughing Buddha in Chinese language....

Were does laughing buddha put in shop?

Laughing Buddha is said to be kept in front of the door. It brings peace and prosperity to the shop.

Was Siddhartha gautama fat?

The Buddha(Gautama Buddha) is not fat that is Hotei/Laughing Buddha! Hotei/Laughing Buddha is said to be the futher Buddha(return or reincaration of the Gautama Buddha) in Zen Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism across Vietnam,China,Taiwan,Japan and Korea. Many westerners confuse the two! In Many Pictures And Status He Was Believed To Be Fat But In Actual Life HE Wasnt

Can you keep laughing Buddha at office desk?

Since the so-called "laughing buddha" is not the Buddha, but a 13th century Chinese Buddhist monk named Hotei, it is between you and your boss.

Does Buddha have a statue?

Statues of Buddha are present in many temples. These are representations of the Buddha as no historical images of the Buddha exist. These statues should not be confused with the statues of Hotei, erroneously called the Laughing Buddha, seen in many Chinese restaurants. This the statue of a Budai a Chnese folkloric hero.

How has China become rich?

because of laughing buddha

What are the 7 lucky Buddha statues?

The seven lucky Buddha statues are said to represent many instances in life like wealth, happiness, good luck, and the like. The seven statues are money Buddha, lucky Buddha, ingot Buddha, laughing Buddha, freedom Buddha, relaxing Buddha, and wealthy Buddha.

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