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There are at least 3,500 different species of mosquito.

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What color are mosquitoes?

theere are many diffrent types of mosquitos

What eats mosquitoes?

Many types of birds eat mosquitos. Frogs and toads eat mosquitos, as well as other species of insects.

What does a mosquito do to humans if it bites?

Mosquitos are a member of nematocerid flies. Mosquitos are blood sucking pests and carry many deadly diseases. There are several types of mosquitos. They say mosquitos can transfer up to 700 million dieseases.

What types of birds eat mosquitos?

Tree swallow bird.

What types of mosquitoes that spread malaria?

female mosquitos are the only ones that bite and all types spread all types of diseases

How many chromosomes do mosquitos have?


Do mosquitos prefer one blood type over another?

Most scientific research has found that mosquitos are attracted to certain people, but this is mostly based on surface compounds found on the skin and outer layers of the skin, not the blood. Mosquitos do not avoid certain blood types.

What types of insect did the soldiers have problems with?

lice, scabies. In the South, there are chiggers(red bugs) and mosquitos.

How do you kill mosquitos by burning cattails?

There are many ways of getting rid of mosquitos. Mosquitos do not like smoke and do not like the chemicals released by burning cattails, so they are repelled by it, and leave the area containing it.

What insect transmit malaria?

many but in particular mosquitos

How many eyes do mosquitos have?

they have like a hundred eye's.

How many mosquito's are in England?

120000 mosquitos in england

Do male mosquitos eat female mosquitos?


How many people die by mosquitos every year?

Up to 2 millions to 3 millions people die by mosquitos every year.

Do fish eat mosquitos?

no they don't eat mosquitos

Types of mosquitoes found in Trinidad?

There are three types of mosquitoes found prevalent in Trinidad. These mosquitos are called: Aedes mosquito, Anopheles Mosquito, and Culex Mosquito.

How many people Mosquitos kill each year?


What insect made many people in Jamestown ill?


How many flyovers in Mumbai?

flyover of what? Drones,Mosquitos, Airlines?

Do mosquitos carry germs?

yes,mosquitos carry germs.

Do mosquitos have lungs?

Of course, what were you thinking of mosquitos not having lungs.

How many genes do mosquitos have?

They have 6 chromosomes, probably hundreds of genes.

Where does Mosquitos live?

Mosquitos tend to live in places where there is water nearby

What do they like to drink?

If you are referring to mosquitos then the answer is blood If you are referring to mosquitos then the answer is blood

Why are mosquitos dangerous?

Mosquitos can be carriers of West Nile Disease and Malaria.