How many types of nebulas are there?


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there are many different types of nebulae:

  • eagle nebula
  • dark nebula
  • emission nebula
  • reflection nebula
  • supernova nebula
  • planetary nebula
  • the crab nebula
  • the Orion nebula
  • the helix nebula
  • the wolf generated nebula
  • the twin jet nebula
  • cometary nebula
  • cupids nebula
  • the horse head nebula
  • the horse head and flames
  • Eskimo nebula
  • the ring nebula
  • the lemon slice nebula
  • boomerang nebula
  • tarantula nebula
  • red square nebula
  • cateye nebula
  • rosette nebula
  • hourglass nebula
  • eta canarie nebula
  • i am not very sure if that's all of them

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Nebulas Ray was created in 1994.

Stars form in nebulas. They're like star nurseries. The gas and dust in nebulas helps to form stars in their early stages.

There are many types of nebula and they can form within any galaxy. Generally, the normal types of nebula - planetary and supernova remnants will occur in the younger galaxies, so at a push spiral galaxies.

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Yes. There are many nebulae. The Crab nebula the eagle etc.

Nebulas are interstellar clouds consisting of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Nebulas vary in size, so some are bigger than Earth, and others are not.

Yes it is you need nebulas to make stars and you need nebulas to make galaxies.

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"although some nebulas glow or reflect starlight, others absorb light and so are too dark to see."

a nebula is a cloud of gas dust in space.some nebulas are regains where new strars are being formed while others are the remaidings of dead or dying stars .

No, they reflect the light from surrounding stars.

Around a star that has gone nova.

Nebulas often create stars.

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Yes. A nebula is just a big gas cloud. A galaxy will contain many nebulas.

That is a true statement; large nebulas contain enough mass to make several star systems.

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Stars, gas, nebulas and black holes.

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stars, comets, meteors, planets, nebulas, etc.

Clouds of gas and dust, called nebulas and then form into protostars.

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