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There are 27 different species of palm tree that occur in the wild in Florida. 15 are not native to Florida, while 12 are. Of those 12, 6 are protected by state law.

As for the number of species cultivated in Florida (but not known to occur in the wild), the number is probably in the 3-digit category (hundreds)

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Q: How many types of palm trees are in Florida?
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What types of trees are in Florida?

Palm trees maybe one type.

How many Palm Trees are there in Florida?

i dont no

How many types of palm trees are there?

i think that there are 576 differ type of palm trees

What state has many palm trees?

Florida and California does.

How many different palm trees are in Florida?


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How many palm trees in florida?

That's a very vague question. There are obviously tens of thousands of palm trees in Florida. Any number given would be an assumption.

What are the types of palm trees?

there are queen, Mexican and sage palm trees.

Why do palm trees only grow in Florida?

No , not only in Florida in many countries exept Egypt!!

What is the scientific name of a pom tree?

There are many different types of palm trees, but scientific names for common types of palm trees are cocos nucifera (coconut palm tree) and bismarckia nobilis (Bismarck palm tree).

What types of trees are in a Costa Rica rainforest?

There are many trees . palm or coconut trees, buttle trees oak trees and maple trees.

Are there palm trees in Hawaii?

Yes there would usually think that there are palm trees in Florida, (there are) but Hawaii is also very abundant in palm trees as well.

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Does Florida have palm trees?

yes, obviously!

Are palm trees native to phoenix?

no ____________________________________________________________________ Obviously not ebcause we see palm trees in states like Florida and California.

What are a few common plants in Florida?

Palm Trees, Bougainvillea and Orange Trees are common plants in Florida.

What is the vegetation in Florida?

Florida has orange trees, palm trees, flowers, tropical plants. Florida State University has a plant database.

Are palm trees native to Florida?

Some species of the palm tree are indeed native to Florida. Other species are native to California and various tropical areas. There are over 3,000 species of palm trees.

What are some common plants of Florida?

palm trees

What climate do palm trees grow in?

Palm trees grow in warm weather places such as california or florida. cold places like New York and NewJersey do not grow palm trees.

Does palm trees grow on beaches in gulf port Mississippi?

yes we have many palm trees here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We have a subtropical climate which is ideal for many types of palms.

Are palm trees toxic to burn?

There are some palm trees which are toxic to burn. One of types of palm tree considered to be toxic is the sago palm tree.

Do palm trees grow in the tropics?

yes palm trees grow in the tropics, mostly on the equator and in humid climates (like in Florida).

What state has the most palm trees?

The state of Florida currently has more palm trees than any other state in the US.