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There are several different types of pitches.






These are the main different pitches, however, depending on the release of the ball and the particular arm action you can get different results such as:



Then there are different pitches just simply by the grip, but have similar but different results, some examples:

- 2 seam fastball

- 4 seam fastball

- cut fastball

- circle changup

- 3 finger changup

- 12/6 curve

- backdoor or backup curve * it is just a curveball that starts outside on a hitter that bats opposite of your throwing hand and then breaks to the outside corner


1) 4-Seam Fastball

2) 2-Seam Fastball

3) Sinker

4) Cutter

5) Running Fastball (opposite of cutter)

6) Splitter

7) Forkball

8) Shuuto

9) Gyroball


10) Change-up (2-finger change-up)

11) Circle Change-up

12) 3-Finger Change-up

13) Palmball (4-finger change-up)

14) Vulcan Change-up(slow splitter)

Breaking Balls

15) Curveball

16) Slider

17) 12-6 Curve

18) Slurve

19) Sweeping Curveball(2-8 Curveball 10-4 for lefties)

20) Knuckle Curveball

21) Spiked Curveball (similar to the knuckle curve)

22) Yellow hammer(slow 12-6 not quite an eephus)

23) Screwball

24) Knuckle Slider

25) Straight Curve (1-7 Curveball 11-5 for lefties)

26) Beginner's Curveball (beginner)

27) Football Slider (beginner)


28) Knuckleball

29) Eephus

30) Chopball

31) 4 Shake Ball (Fork with knuckles up)

32) 2 Shake Ball (splitter with knuckles up)

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There is no limit to how many pitches can be thrown in a game.

What are the 4 types of pitches?

4 types of pitchs are fastball, curveball, slider, and sinker.

How many pitches are in little league baseball?

80 pitches

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Fastball, curve, slider

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He throws these types of pitches: -Four Seam Fastball, up to 97 MPH. -Two Seam Fastball, up to 94 MPH -Change up -Slider, which he throws with a more horizontal break to lefties, and a more downward break for righties.

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He threw a fastball, curve, and slider, but was best-known for his circle change-up.

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4trivial knowledge:This could be done with actually no pitches thrown if the pitcher comments illegal pitches -- but yes.. generally 4 pitches for balls equals a freebie

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Depends on how many pitches are thrown

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I am in little league and so I know a little about this. I'll say on average we pitch about 60 pitches. Not that many, but a lot in just six innings.