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there are 6 types of religion

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Religions found in Nigeria are Christianity and Muslem(Islam).

The most prominent religions in Nigeria are, as of 2012, Islam and Christianity.

the main ones are islam and christianity

types of constitutional in nigeria. merit and demerit of constitutional in nigeria. how many local government do we have in nigeria. list out 5 reason that proves that you are a nigeria. is nigeria federal system is a real federal system of goods.

Christians and Muslims.

There is Catholic and Penticostal primary religions.

Nigeria has a vast amount of religions. The South of Nigeria is commonly populated with Christians The North of Nigeria is commonly populated with Muslims. However, there is a minority of Nigerians that Still believe in traditionalist religions.

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Art is important in Nigeria as it symbolises their beliefs and is a useful medium as they have many sources of wood and many different types

There are two main types of courts in Nigeria, there are the inferior and the superior courts.

mainly Islam but also Christianity

50% Christian and 50 % Muslim

Millions of animals are in nigeria and across the world from lions to birds and vultures and part of these are insects too

The 3 main religions are Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. The three types of religions according to geographers are ethnic religions,animist religions, Universalizing religions.

Some of the people in Nigeria are Christian and some of them are Muslim. The Muslims did commit horrifying tortures, war crimes, and mutilations in Nigeria.

The women of Nigeria wear many of the same types of clothes that are worn in other parts of the world. Women in Nigeria who enjoy dressing traditionally may wear colorful long dresses and head wraps.

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There are many types of religions in the world. Most popular are: Islam, Chritianity, Buddhism, Hindu... and a lot more

There are three major religion in nigeria th are christianity isiam

Yes it is and like many of the monotheistic religions, there are different types. There are the orthodox types you hear more about and there are the laid-back modern types

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