How many ultrasounds does Medicaid cover?

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Generally, Medicaid only covers one ultrasound, unless more are medically necessary.
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Does Medicaid cover epidural?

yes. i have medicaid and it paid for everything during delivery, including the $10,000 it took to air lift my daughter to a childrens hospital after birth due to complications, and my emergency c-section.

Is phentermine covered by Medicaid?

Phentermine is prescribed for weight loss. The coverage by Medicaidis determined by each state, currently 27 states do not allowMedicaid coverage of weight loss drugs.

Does Medicaid cover braces in florida?

Many States use the Salzmann Index of Handicapping Malocclusion to determine eligibility for orthodontia (braces). The Index score (number of points) necessary for payment varies widely among the States.

Does Medicaid cover eye exams?


Does Texas Medicaid cover circumcision?

\nNormally no. It will not pay for infant circumcision as that is not a necessary medical procedure. It will not pay for any circumcision done for cosmetic reasons.\n. \nHowever, Medicaid will cover circumcision when it is medically necessary, for example when an adult male has phimosis, a chronic ( Full Answer )

Does Florida Medicaid cover circumcision?

No. If you have Medicaid you will have to pay cash for the full cost of the procedure unless your doctor says it is medically necessary, for example for the treatment of phimosis (tight foreskin).

Does Medicaid cover Concerta?

Medicaid is a state provided health insurance, that covers manyhealth necessities. Medicaid should cover concerta, if not brandname, then the generic version.

Does Medicaid cover hot tubs?

I need hot tub for Tharp. Cannot drive back and forth ad have also not found a place who excepts medicaid. I have had RSD for 12 years and not only do I need this kind of therapy per doctors orders, but the heat brings great relief. Not looking for anything fancy....just big enough to. Move around f ( Full Answer )

Does Medicaid cover hearing aids?

External Hearing Aids, Implantable Hearing Aids, and Cochlear Implants Section 1862(a)(7) of the Social Security Act states that no payment may be made under Part A or Part B for any expenses incurred for items or services "where such expenses are for … hearing aids or examinations therefore ( Full Answer )

What does Medicaid cover in pregnancy?

Medicaid will cover everything including life flights my son was early and was life flighted to a nearby city and Medicaid paid for it

Does Virginia Medicaid cover circumcisions?

No. it is unlikely that they would cover it unles there was somethingwrong with it. circumcision is an unecesary procedure that has nobenefits to health. on the contrary it is bad for health and manypeople have to deal with the harmfull effects latter in life.

What Medicaid does not cover?

Medicaid varies by state. You may contact your state Medicaid office concerning coverage for specific procedures.

Does Medicaid cover Mirena?

Coverage may vary from state to state. In New York, Mirena is fully covered on Medicaid.

Does Medicaid cover suboxone?

Yes, Medicaid does cover Suboxone in some states including Alaska,Arizona, and Delaware. Some states require a person to be treatedonly in the hospital for coverage to exist for this medication.

Will Medicaid cover a tmj splint?

Occasionally yes but each plan is written different and has different coverage. you can call to find out the hardest thing is finding the code.

How many people does Medicaid currently cover?

The link below shows the details on Medicaid... 29 Million children and 15 Million Adults are INSURED under Medicaid according to the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured in 2010. Their are other forms of assistance other than MEDICAL INSURANCE provided by Medicaid including: * Long Te ( Full Answer )

Who covers cost for Medicaid program?

In general, approximately 90% of Medicaid costs are paid by the federal government. The other 10% is paid by the states. These funds come from taxes.

Does Medicaid cover physical therapy?

We pay $100.00 co-pays, thru Humana Health Care, which uses our medicare benefits and supposedly gives us better coverage than straight medicare. The system is clearly broken.

Does Medicaid cover tooth replacement?

For Washington reidents, yes, but only at the University ofWashington Oral Surgery department. There are probably some otherrestriction, and I'm not sure if replacement teeth (by any method)are covered.

Is advair covered by Medicare or Medicaid?

It depends on your diagnosis. If you are diagnosed as asthmatic and your doctor prescribes it to you for that, in most cases it should be covered. If it is not covered, contact the company that makes the medication because they sometimes help people who can't afford their meds. Also, talk to your Dr ( Full Answer )

Does Medicaid cover tubal reversals?

I would doubt that public medical insurance would cover an optional treatment. Better to concentrate on improving your economic lot so that you can have your own insurance--or pay directly for the surgery.

Does Medicaid cover chantix?

In Colorado Chantix is covered. The problem is First you must us the gum, inhaler, patch, nasal spray, lozenge and bupropion. Then you must take cessation classes, Medicaid covers two 90 day sessions a year. Then after a letter of prior authorization is approved from the department, you maybe able t ( Full Answer )

Will Medicaid cover pain management?

they will as long as the Doc. takes Medicare. Unfortunately, some MD's are starting not to take medicare as much as they once did. So much more paperwork for your SS, OR ssi OR ssdi. The added expense on a doctors staff filling in all the paperwork can cost a DR. up to $15,000.00 a year. The DR's th ( Full Answer )

Does Medicaid cover braces in Nebraska?

This will probably require prior approval, which will likely depend on whether the patient has the required Salzmann Index score.

What does Kansas Medicaid cover?

This question is too broad to answer on Wiki. Contact the Kansas Medicaid hotline or your Kansas Medicaid caseworker.

Does Medicaid cover pregnancy cost?

In Louisiana it covers pretty much everything. The only things I can think of that it doesn't are 3/4d ultrasounds and circumcision if it's a boy.

Does Medicaid Oklahoma cover braces?

Most States use the Salzmann Index of Handicapping Malocclusion to determine eligibility for orthodontia (braces). The Index score (number of points) necessary for payment varies widely among the States.

What does adult Medicaid cover?

Medicaid is administered by the States, which have some discretion in what services to offer, especially for adults. In general, the Federal government requires Medicaid to provide standard medical care essential to preventing or treating diseases and other disorders.

Does Medicaid cover spider veins?

Medicaid will cover treatment for varicose or spider veins only if they are causing a medical issue; pain, swelling, heaviness, or venous reflux proven in a duplex study. Conservative treatment must be attempted for at least 3 months (compression hose, elevation, medication, etc.). They will not pay ( Full Answer )

Does medicaide cover Bracelace?

[This assumes that the writer means "braces."] Most States use the Salzmann Index of Handicapping Malocclusion to determine eligibility for orthodontia (braces). The Index score (number of points) necessary for payment varies widely among the States.

Does Medicaid cover the shingles vaccine?

I called Ohio medicaid hot line, the answer was I don't know, it covers MOST vaccines but not all still left in the dark. Hope someone knows

Does Medicaid cover elective Cesareans?

Tis is properly a question for Medicaid, as these elective things are few and far between . A Cesarean witn no medical reason whatsoever will likely be denied. The insurance person in you Docs office can also submit this for pre-qualification if you have any reason for this choice. They may accept t ( Full Answer )

Does Medicaid cover essure?

While you may find coverage available for this birth controlmethod, I strongly urge you with caution before using it. There iscurrently a huge lawsuit against Bayer for the complications thisprocedure has caused. You can find more about the lawsuit so you can get up to speed on wha ( Full Answer )

Does Medicaid cover gynecomastia surgery?

Medicaid is State Insurance and Medicare is federal. Therefore, it depends on what state you have Medicaid in; however, I doubt that they would. Very few insurance companies do.

Does Medicaid cover braces in Iowa?

Many States use the Salzmann Index of Handicapping Malocclusion to determine eligibility for orthodontia (braces). The Index score (number of points) necessary for payment varies widely among the States.

What do Medicaid benefits cover?

basic health care and long-term care services for eligible persons. About 58% of Medicaid spending covers hospital and other acute care services. The remaining 42% pays for nursing home and long-term care.

Is duragesic covered by Medicaid?

I'm not sure but Johnson & Johnson just bought out Janssen a few years back and they have a great Patient Assistance program, due to my low income I don't pay for my Fentanyl Patches. Give Johnson & Johnson a call and see if they can help you if you can't afford them.

Does Medicaid cover dental implants?

Many people are afraid of dental implants, notbecause it is a painful or tedious procedure, but there is a verycommon perception that dental implants cost a lot more than othertypes of artificial tooth replacement.

What does Medicaid cover in Illinois?

The answer to this question is far too involved for this forum. If you are Medicaid eligible and you need a particular item or service, your medical provider will be able to tell you whether IL Medicaid covers it.

What does Medicaid card cover?

Medicaid is funded by the Federal government and State governments. It is administered by the States, which have significant discretion over what items/services will be covered.

Who is covered under Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare is health insurance for persons over age 65, persons with end state renal disease and persons who receive Social Security disability payments. The individual must have 40 credits of "covered employment" (i.e., calendar quarters during which they paid into Medicare), or be the spouse or dep ( Full Answer )

Does Medicaid cover vision care?

In general, yes; however, keep in mind that Medicaid is administered by the States, which have varying levels of coverage.

Does in Medicaid cover braces MI?

Many States use the Salzmann Index of Handicapping Malocclusion to determine eligibility for orthodontia (braces). The Index score (number of points) necessary for payment varies widely among the States.

Does Medicaid cover diabetic supplies?

Yes it does. It also covers the cost of glucose meter and other supplies along with medicine. I'm not sure if it covers insulin used by diabetics patients though. (Don't mind: You should ask this question to doctor or medicat office to get accurate, fast and confidential response). Source: Mediat u ( Full Answer )

Who decides what Medicare or Medicaid covers?

The coverages of medicare or medicaid are determined by a panel of experts consisting of medical personnel, actuaries, valuers of the respective Insurance Company. This panel of experts determines how many coverages can be admitted in a particular medical policy from the point of view of economy and ( Full Answer )