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How many unexplained deaths due to skydiving are there?

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How many deaths on MT Everest in 1982?

During the year 1982 there were 11 deaths on Mount Everest. Four were due to falling, Three due to an avalanche, Two due to disapearance, One due to illness and One due to icefall collapse. There are not usually this many deaths in one year.

How many deaths are due to tobacco?

400,000 Americans

How many deaths due to guns occur each day in the US?

The FBI Uniform Crime Report can show you deaths due to violations of law

How many deaths are due to muck fires?

well, to my calculation there are about 2 deaths a second so that would be like 120 deaths a minute.

How many deaths in new york due to drinking?


How many wrongful deaths were due to the death penalty?


How many deaths are there per year due cycling?


How many deaths due to cars yearly?

4.4 Billion

How many Deaths each year are due to moonshine?

They still make that?

About how many deaths occur due to bullying?

In the world there may be in thousands!

How many deaths per year due to zip lining?


How many deaths per year are there due to caffeine overdose?


How many people died in Norway by Hitler?

Military Deaths: 3,000Deaths due to War and Repression: 5,800Holocaust Deaths: 700Total:9,500

How many deaths in Texas are due to drowning per year?

around 3,050 deaths occur from drowning in Texas annually.

How many deaths in the US due to seasonal influenza annually?

Approximately 36,000

How many American deaths in Vietnam were not due to enemy action?

About 12 percent.

How many deaths are there per year due to dirt bike accidents?


How many deaths to high school athletes are there a year due to drugs?

A lot

How many deaths from steroids are there?

The Center for Disease Control lists the number of deaths due to anabolic androgenic steroids at 3 per year.

How many deaths are due to cancer?

In the United States, more than 560,000 annually.

How many people were injured or killed from earthquake in Japan on March 11 2011?

We are still unsure about the amount of deaths due to the earthquake it might be many and it might be a few. and due to that earthquake tsunamis are heading towards the US. Canada and Hawaii. the earthquake may have caused deaths already but the deaths might be starting.

How many people die in the US each year due to floods?

about 123 deaths happen each year due to floods

How many deaths due to West Nile Virus in us in 2007-2008?

a few too many

How many people die each year from horse accidents?

There is no set number of deaths per year due to the fact that deaths by horse accidents are unpredictable.

Why did the Cubans rebel against Spain?

Oppressive condition and many deaths due to abuse and starvation.