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It is estimated that about 22 Union ships were sunk by Confederate torpedoes. There were also about 12 ships that were seriously damaged by torpedoes.

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32 union ships

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Q: How many union ships were sunk by confederate torpedoes?
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There were about 2,000 Union casualties and approximately 4,000 Confederate casualties.

How many confederate soldiers fought in the scond battle of bull run?

Union dead 1,724 Confederate dead 1,481 Union wounded 8,372 Confederate wounded 7,617 Union missing 5,958 Confederate missing 89 total Union 16,054 Confederate 9,197 Grand total 25,251 for 3 days of battle Total number of troops Union 60,000 Confederate 50,000

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it has 22 torpedoes

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The Japanese invented a air dropped torpedo with wooden fins that permitted it to work in shallow water. Most torpedoes dropped from planes go several feet under water before they level off. The new torpedoes with wooden fins were able to operate in the shallow water of Pearl Harbor and sink (or damage) many ships. Early bombs dropped from planes were not as accurate at hitting a ship as torpedoes, so torpedoes were the preferred method of attacking ships early in WWII.

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1400 people were killed in the confederate army and 1600 in the union army

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