How many universities are there in the world?

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Per the Webometrics website, and as of January 2014, there are 22,123 universities in the world.
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How many universes are there?

There is insufficient information at this time to answer thisquestion; many varying and conflicting theories and hypothesesexist, however, many of these even vary among interpretation (forexample, the unified 'fundamental theory of physics,' m-theory, canbe interpreted to call for infinite universes ( Full Answer )

What are the ten best universities in the world?

The second answer is incorrect The top ten universities in the world are, currently in 2009: Harvard-USA Yale-USA University of Cambridge- UK University of Oxford- UK California Institute of Technology-USA Imperial College London, UK University College London- UK University of Chi ( Full Answer )

Where is the most famous university in the world?

There would be some argument as to which is the most famous university in the world, so there will be argument as to where the most famous university is. It might be Cambridge or Oxford in England; it might be the Sorbonne in France; it might be Harvard, Princeton, or the University of California a ( Full Answer )

What is the best university in the world for physics?

To research schools, go to and use their College MatchMaker search engine. You may research colleges and universities by name, major, location, etc. The site will provide a list of schools and their background and a link to their official web site.

What is the best university in the world?

Answer . According to the London Time's THES QS 2008 world rankings list, Harvard University located in Cambridge, Massachusetts is considered the finest university in the world where an individual can receive an education.

Top 5 University in World?

Answer . Not in this order.Harvard,UC Berkley Yale ,Cambridege University Magille University are my five . Jahangirnagar University .

Are there other universe in this world?

no you silly person! there are many worlds in this universe. you are confused. everything in outer space is the universe. the planets are worlds. you got it the wrong way round. by the way, if you want to know the answer to life, the universe and everything, its 42.

University of greenwich ranking in the world?

In 2013, the QS World University Rankings, ranked the University ofGreenwich number 701. The Guardian University Guide; 2015University League Table also ranks the university number 87 out of116 institutions.

What is the most prestigious university in the world?

Though it is partly a matter of viewpoint, most articles andreports list Harvard as the most prestigious university in theworld. Sometimes, the University of Cambridge tops the list.Another school that is always in the top four or five is theMassachusetts Institute of Technology.

Is the world the biggest thing in the universe?

The paragraph below, while well written, expresses personal beliefs, not statements of fact. In short, the answer to your question is no. The "world" refers to earth and it's biosphere. "The universe" refers to the entirety of all matter. That's every single star, every planet, everything. first, ( Full Answer )

What is the world ranking of the University of Delhi?

For the first time ever, Delhi University (DU) has been ranked among the top 500 universities of the world by the prestigious Times Higher Education Supplement, QS World University Ratings 2007.It has been ranked 254 for its research quality, graduate employability, international outlook and teachin ( Full Answer )

Which is the most famous university in the world?

Oxford is the most famous and the most prestigious university in the world, followed by Cambridge and Harvard. In rankings however, Harvard usually (though not always) performs better than Cambridge, which in turn performs better than Oxford.

How many universe are there?

Perhaps one, perhaps many. Anything you hear about other universes is just speculation for now.

Is the American world University accredited?

accredited by whom? American World University is notaccredited by any institutional accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education. However, it is listed as "accredited" by the World Association of Universities and Colleges, an organization that is also run by Maxine Ash ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between world and universe?

\nWORLD: The World is a proper noun for the planet Earth envisioned from an anthropocentric or human worldview, as a place inhabited by human beings. It is often used to signify the sum of human experience and history, or the 'human condition' in general. The world population is over 6.80 billion pe ( Full Answer )

What is the world ranking for the University of bedfordshire university?

University of Bedfordshire has a global reputation.A global alumni network with more than 70,000 graduates.Prestigious university which attracts the best minds locally and internationally.Highly respected it is now one of the multi million universities in the country.A choice for uk studies for thou ( Full Answer )

What is the universal language of the world today?

There is actually no universal language in the world, and there never has been one. However, English is the most widely spoken language, and is more universal than any other.

What is the rank of NED university in world?

Its World RAnk is 4316 in 2011. by SIze its position is 6,447, by VISIBILITY its 10,080, by RICH FILES its 4964 and by SCHOLARS its 2192.... u can confirm it at

What are top 25 universities of the world?

THE - QS World University Rankings 2009 - top universities 2009 rank School Name Country . 1. HARVARD University . United States . 2. University of CAMBRIDGE . United Kingdom . 3. YALE University . United States . 4. UCL (University College London) . United Kingd ( Full Answer )

How many of the worlds best universities are in America?

I'm sorry, but that's just not possible to answer... least not unless you define what "best" means, in this context. There are many, many world-class colleges and universities in the United States... more, I venture, than most any other country. Exactly how many, though, is hard to answe ( Full Answer )

What is world ranking of Iran universities?

Based on Papers that published : . University of Tehran . Sharif University of Technology . Amirkabir University of Technology . Iran University of Science and Technology . Shiraz university . Isfahan University of Technology . Ferdowsi University of Mashhad: Third University . University ( Full Answer )

What is the first university in the New World?

In the United States the word university has been applied to institutions of the most diverse character, and it is only since 1880 or thereabouts that an effort has been seriously made to distinguish between collegiate and university instruction; nor has that effort yet completely succeeded. Harvard ( Full Answer )

What are the oldest universities in the world?

The oldest university as an establishment for higher learning and the issuing of degrees is the University of Bologna. Earlier 'universites' were not purely established for higher learning although, latterly, they may have assumed that role.

How many worlds in universe?

We have no means to count the number of planets in the universe, most of which are too far away for us to see them, but it is very likely that there are a great many, perhaps on the order of 10 18 or more.

Is there a parallel world or universe?

There is no evidence that Parallel Universe exists, but doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Accord of the law of Physics, yes Parallel Universe can exist.

How many parallel universes are in the universe?

3, or perhaps more. It depends on the theory to which you ascribe. For example, recent research done at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) led to the creation of ekpyrotic theory. According to ekpyrotic theory, our universe and its creation stems from the collision of two "branes" th ( Full Answer )

What are the worst 100 universities in the world?

The Worst College in America: University of Bridgeport (CT) Fun Fact: At orientation, all incoming students are given a "personal alarm locator" that will send swarms of campus policemen racing to their rescue whenever they press a panic button.

Which university is the world best?

It really depends on your interests. If you want one of the more advanced academic universities, Harvard, Yale or Princeton are some IB leagued schools. (advanced) But if you like more of the performing arts, Julliard is a good university, too.

Which university is first university in the world?

The University of Bologna, founded in 1088, was the firstinstitution to explicitly use the term universitas and assuch is the oldest university in the world. There were certainlyschools before that, of course.