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I'm not certain an exact figure is known or published. People would be too shocked to learn the actual number. About a year ago there were 2.5 million people locked up in US jails and prisons. We are the largest incarcerator in the world. No other nation is even close to housing the number of prisonsers we house. We are responsible for roughly 25% of the world's incarcerated population, yet our entire population is only 5% of the world total.

Let me try this another way, The state of Michigan has been tracking the number of convicted felons in the state since about 1920 by issuing a unique six-digit number to every convicted person. In 2003, that number reached 500,000. Within one year, it was at 700,000. By the end of 2005 it was nearing 900,000. Michigan rarely reissues numbers and typically only when a felon dies in custody does that number get reissued. So, the actual number of convicted felons in the state of Michigan is right around 900,000. Estimate up to the million person mark, as it is currently 2010 and the trend has only increased (a million is actually conservative), and the number of convicted persons in Michigan reaches slightly higher than 7%. Use that figure for the entire US and you get 2,450,000. I know, it doesn't work; that number is lower than the total number incarcerated in 2004. So what does that say? The number of Americans with felony convictions is much, much greater than 7%. Figure safely that it is around 15% to 25%.

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Q: How many us citizens are convicted felons?
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Can convicted felons come to US as tourists?

Convicted felons cannot currently enter the U.S. (unless they are American citizens). Many other countries are more lenient.

How many convicted felons are in the us?

a bunch!

How many convicted felons are in the US congress?


How many convicted felons in the US?

Eas 20 million

How many convicted felons are currently in the US House of Representatives and the Senate?


Who are convicted felons currently serving in the us house and senate?

There are no convicted felons in congress. Felons can’t vote let alone run for office.

Why can convicted felons not enter the US Army?

Legal discrimination.

Did convicted felons serve in the us army during WWII?


How old you must be to vote?

In the US, you must be 18 and a US citizen. Also, in many US states, convicted felons cannot vote.

Can convicted felons travel to Virgin Islands?

(in the US) To the US VIrgin Islands, yes. I'm unsure about the British islands. Not all nations will grant entry to convicted felons, with or without, a valid passport.

What jobs are available for convicted felons in Riverside CA?

There are several companies in Riverside, CA which hire convicted felons. These include Federal Express, Walgreens, Toys R Us, and Allstate Insurance Company.

Who is voting denied to?

I think felons, those under 21 and non US citizens.

Can convicted felons buy guns?

No. Federal law, covered everywhere in the US. Has been law since 1968.

Were Barack's family allowed to vote for him?

Those members of it who were citizens, and weren't felons, were allowed to. (I'm not implying that any of them are felons, just saying that felons aren't allowed to vote; I know some of his family members are not US citizens, so they wouldn't have been allowed to vote either.)

Can you own a firearm if convicted of a class IV felony?

It is a federal crime for convicted felons to ever own or possess a firearm, under ANY circumstance. (US Code, Title 18)

Does a convicted felon loose his citizenship?

No. A Convicted felon may lose certain rights for a limited period of time, but almost all are restored at the end of the probation or parole period. or when the sentence has been completely served. Felons may lose the right to vote for a period of time, or lose the right to associate with other felons. Felons lose their right, forever, of owning or possessing a firearm or ammunition, under Federal law. If a convicted felon is a person who is not a US citizen, but who is allowed here under a VISA or has a green card, THEY can lose their right to remain in the US after being convicted of a felony.

Which states provide for felons to possess firearms?

WARNING - whatever your research finds out - if you were a FEDERALLY convicted felon it won't matter what your state allows you to do. Under the provisions of US Code, Title 18, FEDERALLY convicted felons may NEVER own or possess a fiream (including black powder arms).

Can a convicted felon ever own or possess a firearm for hunting purposes when they are off of parole in the state of Missouri?

noAdded; IF the state of Missouri is one of the states that partially restores some limited gun rights to state CONVICTED felons, PERHAPS. You will have to research that for yourself. HOWEVER - if you are a FEDERALLY convicted felon the answer is no. Under US Code, Title 18, black powder weapons are classified as firearms which convicted felons are not allowed to possess.

Canwe get your gun rights back in New Mexico?

Not if you are a convicted felon. Federal law prohibits convicted felons from owning or possessing firearms ANYWHERE in the US or its possessions. It is a federal offense and state laws do not enter into it.

Does us steel corperation hire convicted felons?

Yes, depending on what the felony is for. They background check but some non violent felonies are considered "Ok"

You want to get a form to get your gun rights back in tx?

There is no such form. Your question doesn't say - but If you are a convicted felon, Federal law forbids convicted felons from ever owning or possessing a firearm or ammunition. (US Code, Title 18)

Can a felon own a black powder gun in Tx?

No, convicted felons are barred by US Federal Law from owning any type of firearm.Another View: Texas is one of the few states that DOES grant convicted felons certain very limited rights to possess firearms. It is not automatic and you will have to research your own situation to determine if you qualify for this privilege.

How many felons are there in the US Military?

None. A person can not be a felon and enlist.

Can a felon in Iowa own a muzzel loader?

Convicted felons are prohibitted by US Code, Title 18 from owning "black powder arrms" which are specifically named in the statute.

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