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There are no v-12 powered aircraft at present in the RAF

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The RCAF was merged into the 'Canadian Forces' and is now known as the Canadian Forces Air Command. It has approximately 391 aircraft in its fleet.

The Wright brothers built and flew a powered aircraft in 1903. However many people still dispute that they were first to do so.

It's hard to say when the first gas powered aircraft was "invented". There were many gasoline powered aircraft invented and struggling to fly properly. Many crashed because their engines were too heavy or they couldn't get proper lift.

In total, the Royal Canadian Air Force have 77 fighter aircraft in active service, plus 16 fighter training aircraft. The fighter aircraft are all McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornets, while the training aircraft are all BAE Systems Hawks.

There were too many aircraft to list here. See the reference links. US Air Force Museum British Royal Air Force Museum Commemorative Air Force Museum(old Confederate Air Force Museum)

10,000 bombers and 10,000 fighters several thousand more transport planes and gliders

Most records about Nuclear Powered aircraft are classified, just like the Nuclear Submarines. The United States has only published one record of a Nuclear Powered aircraft. The program was cancelled in 1958, due to complications.

The Malaysian Air Force currently has 62 fighter and interceptor aircraft and about 40 transport aircraft and 60-65 trainers and light aircraft.

The first powered aircraft with a name seems to be the "Wright Flyer I" ... although they built and flew many gliders before that.

Royal Air Force The British army was made up of many regiments that were identified by names. The major regiments were Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Engineers, Royal Artillery Regiment. The Royal Air Force was a branch of the military that was founded in 1917.

The only aircraft that fought in Battle of Britain were British aircraft in RAF and German aircraft in Luftwaffe. The Italian Air Force was not involved.The only aircraft that fought in Battle of Britain were British aircraft in RAF and German aircraft in Luftwaffe. The Italian Air Force was not involved.

The Swiss Air force has around 220 aircraft at present. The leading elememts are about 32 F-18 and 50 F-5 Tiger.

The Air Force has Aircraft not Ships. The Navy has Ships.

Libya has 100 aircraft carrier, 300 destroyer and 50 nuclear powered submarines..

The United States has the largest air force in the world. Take note, the US Air Force is not the largest air force in the world based on number of Aircraft. The US Navy/Marine Corps has many more aircraft, and the US Army has more aircraft, mostly helicopters, than any of the other individual branches.

That is clasified information if I told you I would have to kill you.

As of July 2014, the British Royal Navy has 95 ships. The Royal Navy also has 149 aircraft and 33 landing craft.

They made at least 2 gliders before their first powered aircraft.

Reported figures at present are about 270 fighter aircraft, a mix of A-5, Mirage 5 and F-16.

There are (5) five law enforcement agencies in the Bahmas they are as followed Royal Bahamas Police Force, Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Prison, Immigration, and Customs

"Air Force One" is a designation not the name of the plane. There is only one Air Force One and is what ever aircraft the president is on at the time. When he is on a helicopter, it's "Marine One" There are two aircraft dedicated for the president to use and they are kept at Andrews AFB just for his use. But the designation "Air Force One" is the current aircraft that he is on at any given time.

The Lockheed bombers were all American and there were many of them . Perhaps the most famous was the Lockheed Hudson, many of which served in the Royal Air Force . They flew at 240 mph, but could stay up for about 8 hours, - a long time for a WW2 aircraft.

Yes, the British Royal Air Force led the attacks against Germany in the blitz. Basically they defended Britain against large numbers of German aircraft and often attacked their bases in France.

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