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Neutral Bromine has three complete rings of electrons. The first ring consists of 2 electrons, the second has 8, the third 18, and the fourth has a maximum capacity of 8 electrons. Bromine only has 7 electrons in it's outer ring, though, so it needs one extra electron to complete it's ring.

So to answer your question, it needs ONE more valence electron.


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Bromine would have to gain one electron in order to obtain a full outer shell of electrons.

Potassium would lose electrons in all its reactions especially with Bromine.

Atoms with eight valence electrons usually do not gain or lose electrons. Atoms with one, two, or three valence electrons will lose electrons.

Beryllium can lose its two valence electrons.

P has 5 valence electrons so it can gain 3 electrons or lose 5 electrons to have a full valence shell.

Bromine will gain one electron to become Br-

Phosphorus wants to gain three electrons to have 8 valence electrons.

It loses 2 electrons to obtain the argon configuration of 8 valence electrons.

As a general rule, the noble gases do not lose or gain valence electrons because in most reactions they are considered inert.

This is a metal so it will lose its valence electrons.

atoms lose, gain, or share valence electrons to have 8 valence electrons.

Bromine tends to gain 1 electron. It can however gain them when bonding with Chlorine, oxygen and fluorine.

Compounds will gain or lose electrons in order to reach a more stable state, ideally a full valence shell.

Oxygen is an oxidizer, it will gain electrons in a reaction to complete it's valence shell.

The valence shell can hold 8 valence electrons Each element is striving to achieve stability which is acquired by either: having 8 valence electrons or losing all of the valence electrons. for example carbon has four v. electrons so it can either gain or lose 4 in order to maintain stability. You many gain or lose electrons by bonding.

Either lose 5 electrons, which is least likely, or gain 3 electrons.

No its stable because it already has its 8 valence electrons

Gold will lose electrons because it has two valence electrons in the S orbital

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