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there was 700 versions printed in 2007

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What is the music during the final sequence of the book of Eli where the bible is being printed?

There is no book of Eli in the Bible although there is a priest called Eli - see 1Sam.2&3. The Bible has gone through many printings in many versions and many languages since 1450 when the first Bible was printed, (in Latin), which was also the first book ever to be printed.

How many copies of the bible have been printed?

As so many different language translations exist, and as, within those languages, so many different versions exist, and as, within those versions, so many printings exist.... this number is unknown and unknowable.

Who printed The Bible?

Who Printed the Bible depends of what langue you are talking about and what you mean by print. The very first part of the Bible was written by God Himself (Exo 31:18). In Exodus we read that the Ten Commandments were written with the finger of God. The Bible was written down by various people used by God, and they faithfully translated and copied throughout the centuries. The first printed book printed on the printing press was the Bible. It was printed by Gutenberg. The Bible printed was in Latin, and was later translated into other languages including English. Printing techniques improved over the next few centuries and now we have the many different versions of Bibles we have now.

What was the first book?

The Holy Bible...I think. Actually, the Bible was not the first book. Books have been in existence for thousands of years. Also, how you define "the Bible" depends changes the equation. The King James Version, which one version many people consider to be the actual Bible (matter of opinion) wasn't in existence until the early 1600s, when is was transcribed by King James scribes. The Gutenberg Bible, which was the first Bible to be printed on a printing press, was printed in the 1450s. Other versions existed before that, but they are all translations of the orginal letter and manuscripts from the writers, and for that matter, there were many letters and manuscripts written by some of the same people that were not included in many of the versions of the Bible that are in existence.

How many versions of Ramayana were printed?

Ramayana was translated into several languages. It does not have versions. It was a true story. The story never changes. So there is no need to have versions.

How many pages are in the book George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl?

It depends which version of "George's Marvellous Medicine" you mean. The hardback versions printed in 1981 and 2003 by Jonathan Cape Ltd., both had 96 pages The paperback versions printed in 1982 and 2001 by Puffin Books, both had 112 pages But the paperback version printed in 2007 by Puffin Classics, has 144 pages. There may well be even more versions than this.

How many pages of Bible is?

There are no specific number of pages , because the pages differ from bible to bible as there are different versions and types of bible.

How would you get an Arabic version of the Bible?

There are many sites that you may refer to for getting Arabic versions of the Bible and Audio versions also. A link below is an example.

How was the Septuagint printed?

This is the Greek version of the Old Testament, translated in the 3rd to 1st Century BC and as result was obviously handwritten. There have been so many printed versions of this book, but the first was in 1518 in Venice. The 1586 version in Rome is the basis for the Vulgate (Latin Bible). The last known version (as of 2009) was in 2006 by the German Bible Society.

What other versions of the bible are available other than the ESV bible?

There are many other versions of the bible other than the English Standard Version. These include The New World Translation and The King James Version.

How many times was the Bible re-written in different languages?

nobody is sure because there have been many ciopies in the old world, but some could have burned or been lost at sea or just turned into dust-----Do you mean "How many times was the Bible written?" By that I assume you mean "How many times has the Bible been Translated?" The Bible has been translated into hundreds of languages. 2,018 at last count. Some of these many languages have many versions within that language. For example, the Bible has been translated into 24 common English Versions of the Bible, whole or in part.The Bible, or parts thereof, was written in three languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek.No one has a clue as to how many copies have been printed. The Bible is the most sold and most stolen book in history.

Who is the publisher of the story 'The Boy who cried Wolf'?

Many publishers have printed versions of Aesop's fables.

How many types of encyclopedia?

12357 and counting. And theese are just online, with the printed versions are 36972 types.

How many copies of the Bible are printed every year?

The answer is variable. Variables are infinite. Answer unknown.

How many English Bible translations are there?

78.....because some translations have several versions

Can you read the Holy Bible here?

Not in its entirety but you will read verses of Scripture. Here is a link for you that has many 'versions' of the Bible for your reading pleasure:

How can you read the Bible on the computer?

The Bible can be read online at Bible Gateway or the Blue Letter Bible, where many different versions are available and can be accessed through the Related Links below. There are also many software programmes available.

Why is tobit only in the catholic bible?

The Catholic Douay version of the Bible contains many Books that were removed by Martin Luther leading to what became the Protestant Bible(s). of which there are now many versions.

How many times is grace mentioned in all the versions of the Bible?

Here are the stats for: NKJ -- Grace appears 148 times GNB -- Grace appears 104 times ASV -- Grace appears 144 times Do you know how many versions of the Bible there are?

How many different types of bibles are there written in English?

There are 233 different bible versions on the market.

What were the first 3 languages the bible was printed in?

One thought:I can provide a partial answer...The Bible was written originally in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, and there were already many handwritten copies in these languages and certain Egyptian dialects in existence by the 3rd century. The Wycliffe Bible in 1380 was the first complete handwritten Bible in the English . The first printed Bible, the Gutenberg Bible, came out in 1456, in Latin.

How many copies of the Bible have been printed to this day?

It's impossible to tell, there are so many version in so many languages.

Into how many languages did William Carey translate the bible?

In Carey's lifetime, his mission printed and distributed the Bible in whole or part in 44 languages and dialects.

How many times is the word 'glad' printed in the Bible?

I'm glad you asked. 144.

How many Bibles have been published?

There are over fifty complete versions of the bible that have been published, ranging from the King James version to the Douay-Rheims bible. The earliest bible is Wycliffe's Bible, published in 1380.

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