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about 30

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Q: How many video games are produced per year on average?
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How many video games have been produced?

100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 games

What are some famous video games produced by Gameloft?

Gameloft has produced many great video games mainly for mobiles like the Asphalt series and the Modern Combat series. They are known for producing high quality games with great gameplay.

Which video games are produced by Garena?

There are several of video games that are produced by Garena; however there are many more that are more popular and prevalent. The first one is: Defense of the Agents. Then followed by: League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth.

How many hours of video games does the average American play?


How many video games does 1 person buy in a year on average?

2 a year.

How many hours a week does the average child play video games?

3 hours a day

How many hours does the average kid spend playing video games a week?

Between the age of 8 and 13, the average kid will play video games for about 13 hours every week. That is roughly 2 hours a day.

What type of movies are produced at Cobra Video?

There are many types of movies that are produced at Cobra Video. Typically, the types of movies that are produced at Cobra Video are gay pornographic style films.

What are some popular Atari video games?

In 1977, Atari produced a game called Pong which became widely popular. With the huge success of Pong, the company produced many more enjoyable video games such as Space Invaders, Asteroids, Ms. Pac-Man, Pitfall, and Frogger.

Violence in video games?

Of coure there is violence in video games! Many video games have violence in it, including call of duty.

How many video games are there in the US?

Answer there are 102373 violen video games in the us

How many video games are there?

video games are video games. nobody cares how many there are just that theres like a million. If somebody would actually count that, I praise him/her.

How many video games are in the world?

More than 50,000!! That is a lot of video games!!

Is there too much violence in video games?

There are many people that think there is too much violence in video games. This is why many of the games have ratings on them.

How many hours per week do children game?

On average a child can spend 72 hours on video games a week

Who invented video games for PlayStation?

Video games were invented before the Playstation by many years.

What are some examples of successful video game titles from the company Blizzard?

The company Blizzard Entertainment Inc. have produced many video games, such as Rock N' Roll Racing. Similarly, the company also made the games The Lost Vikings, Warcraft and Diablo.

What video games have been produced by Rocksteady Studios?

Rocksteady Studios is the main producer of the Batman game series. Rocksteady Studios has produced Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham Origins, and many more.

Are there any kid friendly video games system and games out there that would be appropriate for an 5 year to play?

There are many different kinds of video games that would be appropriate for a five year old. There are princess games, popular children's movie video games, and many other types of video games. Check your local video game store.

How many people build video games?

42 people bulid other video games but the people which build ben 10 video games is 34

How many games has Nintendo produced?

I don't know how many games has been produced by Nintendo but am pretty sure its more than 300

What are some considerations when making video games?

There are many considerations when making video games. Some considerations needed when making video games include the cost of the video game, the genre and the plot.

On which video games did Paul Steed work?

There are many video games that Paul Steed worked on. Paul Steed worked on many different video games such as "Quake 2", "Wing Commander", and "Doom 3".

How many years of college do you need to take to be a video game tester?

many times you will play games and earn money play games video games tester

How many people play video games in Canada?

Well seeing how the population is 3 billion. I would have to estimate that on average at any given moment about 67% of the men being 1.7 billion might possibly be playing 'Video Games'.