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That is difficult to answer because there is no fixed answer. As an experiment put both terminals of a 9V battery on you tongue. It will not hurt you but you will surely feel it. Now put your thumb across the terminals of that same battery. Two things should now be obvious to you: 1) that even low voltages can "hurt" you under the right conditions, and 2) voltage is not the only factor that determines how harmful.

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How many volts do a plug have?

A plug doesn't have any volts in it until you plug it into a wall outlet. A typical electrical wall outlet in a typical house in the US delivers electricity at @ 110 volts. Different countries in Europe use electricity that's around 200 volts; twice as many.

How can Protista be harmful?

See it doesnt be harmful until you eat it.

How many volts are in 1000 volts?


How many volts on 1800kv?

1800000 VOLTS

How many volts in an office?

230 Volts

How many volts is 1200kv?

1,200,000 volts

Why are plastics harmful to the environment?

Plastics are harmful because they are not biodegradeable (so they can stay in landfills or on streets until someone throws them away for many many many years) and when they melt/burn, they release chemicals into the air.

How many volts is 1 kV?

1.0 kilo volts = 1000 volts1000 effective volts is 1kV.

How many volts are in 900 KV?

900,000 Volts. That is Nine Hundred Thousand volts.

How many volts does a dishwasher have?

110-120 volts

How many volts in a cattle prod?

10,000,000,000 volts

How many volts does a SR41 battery have?

1.55 volts

How many volts in a sour apple?

45 volts

How many volts is 4.16 KV?

4160 volts

How many volts will kill an ant?

5.67 volts

How many volts are lethal?

Its not the volts that kill you ,its the amperage.

How many volts to charge an iPhone?

5 volts

How many watts is in 9 volts?

3.3 volts

How many volts does a microprocessor use?

5 volts

How many volts in a AA battrey?

1.5 volts

How many volts in average outlet?

110 volts

How many volts does a limon produce?

Zero volts.

How many volts in 5kv?

It's 5000 volts.

How many volts are in a power point?

230 volts

How many volts are there in 2500 megavolts?

1 Mega-volt = 1,000,000 Volts2500 Mega-volts = 2,500,000,000 Volts

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