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How many vowels are in the English language?

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There are 5 vowels and 2 semi-vowels (Y and W).

But there are from 11 to 20 "vowel sounds" in English, made by one or more vowels in various words.

Vowels in the English AlphabetThe 5 traditional vowels are A, E, I, O, and U. However, in English the the letters W and Y can also represent vowel sounds, but they don't always do so. Hence, they may be considered vowels "sometimes".

Examples with Y and W as vowels:

  • In the word "by" [ˈbɑɪ], the Y represents the vowel diphthong [ɑɪ], sometimes called the "Long I" sound.
  • In the word "cow" [ˈkaÊŠ], the W represents the vowel sound [ÊŠ].

Examples where Y and W do not represent vowels:

  • In the word "yet" [jÉ›t], the Y represents the semi-vowel sound [j].
  • In the word "we" [wi:], the W represents the semi-vowel sound [w].
Vowel Sounds in the English LanguageDepending on the accent, the English language can have anywhere from 11 to 20 vowel sounds. As evidenced above, the English alphabet only has 5 letters that are used exclusively to represent vowels.

Using the General American accent as an example, these are some of the vowel sounds that exist, excluding diphthongs:

  • [É‘] - the A in father
  • [æ] - the A in cat
  • [É™] - the A in about
  • [É›] - the E in bet
  • [e] - the A in pay
  • [Éœ]* - the UR in purple or the IRin bird, usually followed by an [ɹ]
  • [i] - the I in machine
  • [ɪ] - the I in big
  • [o] - the O in toe
  • [É”] - the O in cost
  • [u] - the OO in cool
  • [ÊŠ] - the OO in good
  • [ÊŒ] - the U in bug
*R-colored (rhotic) vowels:
  • [ɝ] - the OR in work
  • [Éš] - the ER in butter
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How many vowels in the English language?


How many groups of vowels sounds can be found in English language?

5 vowels

What is the longest word in the english language with no vowels?

the longest word in English with no vowels is rhythm.

What word in the English language has no vowels?

The English language is filled with many words which are dependent on vowels for proper accentuation. The only word within the English language that is actually considered a real word is cwm which is a rounded and glaciated valley.

How many vowels do you have?

The English language has five vowels: a, e, i, o, and u. "Y" is also occasionally considered to be a vowel.

How many vowel are there?

There are 5 vowels in the English language A-E-I-O-U

What is the longest English word with the fewest vowels?

The longest word in the English language without vowels is... syzygy

How many consonants are there in Chinese?

The Chinese language unlike the English language has no alphabet. That said, there are no consonants or vowels in the Chinese language.

Names of the five vowels?

The five vowels in the English Language and many others are: * A * E (Eee) * I (Eye) * O (Oh) * U (You)

What are the 20 vowels of the English language?

There are only five vowels. A, E, I , O and U

When did consonants become in the english language?

Consonants entered the English language at about the same time as vowels.

What word in the English language has all the vowels in it?


One word in the English language has vowels in order?

Abstemiously and facetiously both have the vowels in order.

Only word in English that has no vowels?

There are no words in the English language that have no vowels, other than non-standard words representing grunts.

how many vowels in english phenomenas?

the sounds which are produced by combinig two vowels sounds known as triphotongs?

What word in the English language has six vowels all a?


How many words are there with no vowels in the English language?

This depends on what you consider a vowel and what words you consider included in the English language. There are about 310 words without a,e,i,o, or u.

Do any words in the English language have four different vowels?

Yes, many.Some, such as facetious have five.

How many words have vowels in them?

All words in the English language, excluding names, have at least one vowel.

Do vowels important in language or not?

Vowels are important in some languages e.g. Scandinavian languages have three more vowels than English. Other languages like Hebrew have no vowels.

Is there a word in english language that contains all the vowels?

Eye, You, etc.

Does the Navajo language have all the English vowels?

No. The Navajo language does not have the English vowel U. English does not have some of the Navajo vowels. Navajo vowels can be high tone or low or rising or falling if long. This change meaning in Navajo but only is used for questions in English. They can have nasalization which the French have but not the English. And they distingush between vowels held long or short which does not change meaning in English. See related links for a list of Navajo letters and sounds.

What word in the English language has all 5 vowels including y?


What word in the English language has one consonant followed by four vowels?


What are some of the differences between the the Hindi and English languages?

Some of the differences between the Hindi and English languages includes the fact that the Hindi language consists of 10 vowels and 40 consonants while the English language consists of 5 vowels and 21 consonants. Furthermore, there is no definitive article in the Hindi language whereas the indefinite article is required in the English language.