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One. It depends on your definition. The US won every battle in Vietnam but lost the war, but in other operations the US has taken a beating but prevailed in the end.

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Q: How many wars has the United States lost?
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How many wars has the US been in?

There has been fourty-eight wars in the United States.

What wars were fought in the United States during the 1900?

No wars were fought IN the United States during the 1900's

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How many wars has the navy been in?

This question of how many wars the United States Navy has been in is a tall order. I have attached a link to this question. Your answer is in the link.

How many cars were on the road in 1915 in the United States?

Ask Jarrod on Storage Wars !

How many civil wars has there been in the United States?

There has only been one civil war in the United States. The American Civil War was from 1861 to 1865.

How many wars did America start?

It is likely that the United States started two wars that did not involve provocation. Those wars would be Vietnam and the second Gulf War in Iraq.

Who won the Barbary Wars?

United States

How many Wars have the United States been involved in since the beginning of time?

they hold the record, especially for wars they had no business being in. I think its 42million ...

What position did the US take during the Indochina Wars?

The United States of America took the position of opposing the Communists in the Indochina wars. The United States contributed advisors and troops.

Where did the Barbary Wars take place?

The Barbary Wars were fought between the United States and the Barbary states. The wars were primarily ocean based wars fought near the Barbary coast.

Who lost the most Arab israeli wars?

Arab states

Since 1900 with which nations has Afghanistan fought wars?

Afghanistan has been in a lot of wars. These include with many Middle Eastern nations as well as the United States.

Who did the seminoles fight in the seminole wars?

The United States Army was their opponent in all 3 Wars.

What were the results of the war with britain?

The United States have fought two wars with Great Britain. Great Britain lost both with the result being complete independence from the British Empire.

How many World Wars has the United Stated fought?

The United States has fought in World War One and World War Two, the only two world wars so far.

The US has been involved in three world wars?

No, the United States has not been in three world wars.

How many wars were in World War 2?

There was the Pacific Campaign against Japan, by the United States. Then there was the European Campaign against Hitler and his European ally by the United States, Soviet Russia, Great Britain and their allies.

As the napolenic wars broke put in europe the united staes?

As the Napoleonic wars broke out in Europe in 1803, the United States declared war on Britain in 1812.

Why didn't the united states participate in the league of nations?

The United States did not participate in the League of Nations because it was not willing to get involved in Europe's wars.

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There are unlimited gang wars.

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Who won the Seminole wars?

The white settlers, the United States government.

What was an affect of the Napoleonic wars on the United states?

increased economic opportunity