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it is not watts, but amps. If you are just adding a stero you should be fine. But, if you are adding several amps and equipment, check into a higer amp alternator (good luck on a Focus) and dual batteries with an isolator. If you run dual batteries without the isolator it will not work as well.
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Q: How many watts can the stock alternator handle on a Ford Focus?
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How many watts does a typical car alternator provide?

No more than 500 Watts RMS for the stock alternators on most cars

Where can you find 55watts on a Chevy prizm?

Watts or Amps? Amps would be the alternator, don't know where you would find watts. Volts X Amps = Watts, for example 12 Volts X 55 Amp Alternator = 660 Watts

Will 20 amps handle 3500 watts?

No. 20 amps at 120 volts will handle a maximum of 2400 watts. And you should never continuously load a 20 amp 120 volt circuit to no more than 1920 watts.

How many watts can a 15 gauge wire handle?


2004 Chevrolet Impala stock Amplifier how many watts does it have?

how many watts does he amp have in a 2005 chevy impala

What is the Wattage of a stock stereo in a 1989 Acura Integra?

The wattage of your stock stereo in your 1989 Acura Integra is 75 watts. There was anÊoption for a larger stereo output of up to 200 watts.

An alternator provides 20 A of a peak current at 100 volts peak AC to a resistive electric heater How much heating power is delivered to the load?

Watts = Amps * Volts Watts = 20 amps * 100 Volts Watts = 2000 2,000 Watts or 2k Watts

Your speakers will handle 400 watts but start to disort at 200 watts?

The speaker impedance does not match the amplifier's specified speaker impedance.

How many watts will a 60 amp 2pole breaker handle?

Watts = Amps x Volts. 60 x 240 = 14400

How many kilo watts can a 60 amp fuse handle?

That depends on voltage you use. watts=voltage x amps. if you know the voltage then you can calculate the watts automatically. For example if voltage is 230V, then watts is........ watts=230 x 60. if you want in kilo watts then multiply with 10^-3.....

How many watts can a 20 amp breaker handle at 120 Volts?

2400 Watts = 120 x 20 or 2.4 KW

Will stereo speakers that handle 275 watts handle a home stereo system pushing 105 watts per channel?

yes it will, but if you try to turn it up to loudly you may cause damage to the voice coil of your speakers

Which company is represented by WTS on the stock exchange?

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How many watts do factory speakers have in a 2010 corolla?

Speakers are measured in Ohms not Watts. Watts is the amount of power you will be supplying to the speakers. In my 2009 Corolla the speakers can handle at least 400 Watts as this is what my OEM JBL system is pushing.

How many watts can the Kicker 08DS12L72 Dual 12 in. 1500 Watts Enclosed Car Audio Subwoofer handle?

The Kicker 08DS12L72 can pump out up to 1500 Watts, but you'll need a beefy receiver for that.

How many volts does a 12 volt 100 amp alternator produce?

This will still only produce 12 volts. It will produce 1200 watts. watts is the result of Volts times Amps.

How many watts can you get out of a twelve volt alternator?

It depends on what the amperage rating of the generator is. Once this is found out use the following formula W = A x V. Watts = Amps x Volts.

How many watts can the Kenwood KFC-6982ie handle?

This speaker is 500watts max.

How many watts will a 20 amp douple pole breaker handle?

The formulae for calculating watts to amps is Watts divided by Voltage. Therefore to get from Amps to Watts the calculation is Amps × Voltage. Therefore if you are working on a 240 volt supply the calculation is 20 (Amps) × 240 (Volts) which = 4800 watts.

How many watts will a single pole 20 amp breaker handle?

If the voltage is 120 Volts it would be 2400 watts. Watt = volts times amps.

How much horse power does an 80 amp alternator require?

( 746 watts = 1horse power ) On 12 volt systems ( volts X amps ) =( watts )12volts X 6.5amps = 78watts. Now ( watts / 746watts ) 78watts / 746watts =0.105hp

30 amps on a 250 volt outlet can handle how many watts?

A 30 amp circuit on a 250 volt service could handle up to 7500 watts. That's if it's actually 250 volts coming in. You should check that with your meter.

How many watts will a 20 amp switch handle?

Watts (power or P) is calculated by multiplying amps (A or I) times voltage (V or E). The formula is P=IE. For a 120V, 20A circuit that comes out to 2400 watts of power.

Can you plug a 2400 watt in a 15 amps?

No. A 120 volt 15 amp service will handle a maximum of 1,800 watts. Even a 20 amp service will only handle 2400 watts and that is at max load which you should never load on a 20 amp circuit. You will need a 30 amp 120 volt or 240 volt service for 2400 watts.

How many amps can a 12kW generator handle?

Watts = Amps x Volts Amps = Watts / Volts Amps = 12000 / 120 or 12000 / 240 depending on voltage supplied.