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Your question is rather like asking "How many miles per hour do you do in a week?" You don't consume watts over time, it's a measure of how many joules of energy you consume over time.


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Considerations to include are reduced power consumption, less light replacements and less maintenance. An Example: Old light 60 watts, new light 15 watts Old light cost $1, new light cost $4 Old light life 1000 hours, new light life 10000 hours Cost of power $0.18 / kWh If the light is used 3 hours a day, 7 days a week then the total savings is about $9 per year.

If they are ge thay could last a day or a week, if you do not turn the light on they could last forever,

203 d0iesel Mercedes vito van ait is bout a week out of the exhaust many speed is not strong rpm is no more than 3 srs light bulb for a period of about one second to start th?

One of the most notable impacts of the light bulb was that it made longer work hours possible. While a longer work week often meant abuse of the working class, increased nighttime productivity helped spur industrial advancements.

Q: How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?A: None. The bulb will change itself when it realizes it needs to change.Q: How does your least favorite celebrity figure change a light bulb?A: They just hold up the bulb, since the whole world revolves around them.Q: How many police officers does it take to screw in a light bulb?A: None. The bulb turns itself in.Q: How many nuclear scientists does it take to change a light bulb?A: Seven. One to actually change it and the other six to debate how to safely dispose of the old one for thousands of years.Q: How would a light bulb be changed if it were treated like someone seeking gender reassignment?A: First the socket would have to meet with a therapist for 3 months to see if it really needs a new bulb. Then the electricity is turned on for up to a year. The socket will have to go and get its name changed, pretend to be changed, get ridiculed for having a non-working bulb, and save up to pay for the new bulb. Then the socket has to get approval letters from its therapist and a psychiatrist. Then it would have to visit an electrician specializing in bulb-reassignment, and it is told that it switch has to be turned off for a week or two prior to the bulb change operation to help prevent complications. Then after the procedure, there is a risk of complications, and it may face being outed as being the socket that once contained a bad bulb, and ridiculed for that. Plus organizations for sockets that want to keep their old bulbs and organizations for people who do inappropriate things with light bulbs will claim that socket as a member, whether the socket supports or condones such things or not.Q: How many flies does it take to screw in a light bulb?A: Two, but nobody has any idea how they got inside the bulb.Q: How many Mexicans does it take to change a light bulb?A: Just Juan.Q: How many sorority sisters does it take to change a light bulb.A: Three. One to change the bulb and two to design the t-shirts about it.

look at the panel on the back near the line cord. or the manual. But time is not a factor. If it uses 50 watts, it uses that power for 5 minutes, an hour, a week.

look at the panel on the back near the line cord. or the manual. But time is not a factor. If it uses 50 watts, it uses that power for 5 minutes, an hour, a week.

what red light does to green bean plants

I had the same problem and it was the bulb in the upper brake light in the back window. It is probably not the sensor that is failing though. The sensor is a diode so it eats up any left over voltage in the system, so when the bulb starts failing the excess voltage triggers the warning light. Sometimes this can occur before the bulb actually goes out. So if you see the light on plan on changing it. I had a Saab before this and it would warn you like a week before it would go out, kind of annoying but nice though cause once I figured it out I could just swing by the parts store during that week so when it did go out I was ready.

Check with your electric company. If you switch to 100 W fluorescent bulbs they are only about 14 watts usage. Those are the new energy efficient bulbs. You still get 100 W, but less wattage used. Therefore you bill should be reduced by some. You won't see it right away, it's over the long haul. I have switched most of my lighting (except one lamp and my kitchen) to those bulbs. They last a long long time. I will be switching my kitchen to a new fixture so I will use the 100W energy efficient bulb and get just as much light as 100 incandescent bulb. I'll put 4 in and get 400 W for 56 watts charged. < > < > 5.76/30 days = .192 cents per 24 hour period. .192 x 7 days = 1.344 dollars a week

The total of watt/hours used by a microwave will vary, depending on the size (power) of the oven, and how much the oven is used.

You have to keep changing the lightbulb almost every week or else the car wont work.. Trust me i have one and i work at a car dealership.

primer bulb replacement on craftsman 32 cc week wacker

Not enough information - I don't know what your light company charges you per kWh. Here is how you calculate this: a) Convert the week to hours. b) Convert the watts to kilowatts. c) Multiply the result of part (a) by the result of part (b), to get the total number of kilowatt-hours. d) Get the cost per kilowatt-hour. Look at a bill from your power company. If the cost per kilowatt-hour is not stated explicitly, you can divide the total amount of dollars (or whatever) by the kilowatt-hours billed, to get the cost, in dollars per kilowatt-hour. e) Multiply the result of part (c) by the result of part (d).

Every household should contain one of the most energy saving products which is the light bulb as everyone uses electricity and it will cut down the costs of buying new light bulbs every week.

A "foot-day" might be the distance you can walk in a day. A "car-week" might be the distance you can drive in a week. A "light-year" is the distance light travels in a year. (Through vacuum.)

This was answered last week and is a simple procedure. One Phillips screw holds the parking light on in my 2000 Forester. You open the hood, remove the screw, pull the lamp assembly out and you have access to change the bulb. If you are asking about changing the whole assembly, the answer is the same. --Ken

Reach inside the engine compartment, directly behind the headlight, there's a plastic black cylinder where the three color-coded wires go in, turn it counter clock wise a quarter of a turn and it will unlock, slowly extract the headlight and pull it from the base. Avoid direct contact with the light bulb. To install a new one, follow steps backwards Also, be sure not to touch the bulb at all with your fingers or you could be changing the bulb again in as little as a week.

Chaning Mazda6 Headlight build - AnswerBehind the head lamp you'll see a circular cap with some fins on it. Rotate that 1/8 turn and then it should come out exposing the back of the bulb. Inside will be the back of the bulb and the wire harness. Rotate the back of the bulb assembly and it should come out. Disconnect the wires and replace it, and put it back the same way you took it out.Reference this thread the help of my brother, I was able to replace the driver side low beam to my 2006 Mazda 6. Above helped a ton but one additional piece of info was missing. There is a spring load on the bulb. After you remove the cap, you need to get a light in there and see the loop which is holding in the bulb. That has to be pressed down and pushed to the side to release the spring and then the bulb can be removed. The bulb I had to turn slightly and then it came right out. Take it out slowly so you can see how the replacement will go back in. The base of the replacment bulb had a flat side so I just kept track of where that was when I removed it. Don't touch the actual bulb...I was told that if you get the oils of your fingers on it, the light will burn out within a week because the oils bake on and cause it to burn out.Be careful when removing the bulb. It can easily break and leave fragments inside the lens assembly. The wire spring is holding the bottom side of the light and when twisting the light to relieve the pressure on the bottom side, the bulb can break (which mine did).

There are seven days in a week.

it's not a rank its a set. Its a set in cali.. in a project called watts. watts crip wear purple. And gd's give the purple flag to someone in their set if they do sum 9itch $hit. to show they week

The plant kept in the light was well nourished and healthy while that kept in the dark grew taller and thinner in search of light, in the second week.

there was a huge riot that lasted a week had killed 32 people gotten 8000 wounded and 3000 arrested

It could be a sign you're pregnant or it could be a unusually light period for no physical reason. Do a test in a week.

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